The ‘O’ in MOTOROKR E8

Its delicious, uncompromisingly hot and stole the show at the CES 2008 with a number of key honours from leading technology media outlets.
The device uses Motola’s ModeShift technology with quadband GPRS/EDGE class 12 that makes it easy for the user to have active controls on applications that are needed at the time.
Simply move a thumb across the FastScroll navigation wheel to search for music (music mode), contacts (phone mode), calendar (phone mode) and multimedia (imaging mode).
A perfect blend of art and science, the face of the E8 is a sleek, seamless panel that features the first haptic touch pad from Motorola, which provides vibrating, tactile feedback when the user touches virtual buttons.
ROKR E8 comes with a 2GB internal memory with external support for 4GB. the camera is a 2MP.

Weight: 100 grams
Battery: 970mAh
Display: 2.0″ QVGA 240×320

Stereo Bluetooth Class 2, USB 2.0 Hi-speed, GPRS Class 12, EDGE Class 12

Its expected to hit the shelves in the first Q of 2008


It is one of those dreaded moments when your four year old grabs your phone and tries to find out if it has underwater facilities on the menu browser. Before you pull off your hair and wonder why on earth no mobile phone making company has not invented a water proof device like the guys at Rolex, Swatch and all…. Do not worry you kitchen holds a rather pleasant way of fixing your conundrum.

First option

First thing you do, do not switch on the phone water and electronics do not work very well. Also do not shake the phone. Pressing the buttons or trying to shake off the water only makes the water get deeper into the electronic circuitry. Do not use a blow dryer. The dry heat may actually create steam which will add more moisture into your device.

Second get that packet of rice that is in your kitchen cabinet.

Third remove the battery from the phone. Forth and probably the easy part put the phone inside the rice packet. The rice will act as a sponge and will literally suck out the water from the device.

Leave your phone inside the rice packet for twenty four hours in a cool dry place. Your phone should be working as new after the twenty four hours have elapsed.

Second option

If you do not have rice the place your phone up right in a cool dry place; this could be on the book shelf or one of your bed room drawers that is unlikely to be disturbed for a while. Leave the phone for twenty four hours.

The water will drain out and your phone should work after a day of therapy.

Third option

Take your phone to technician who will probably do the two options and tell you to pick your phone after a day.

Final option and rather painful, buy another phone, with this option you have the luxury of letting your four year old have a new toy that he or she will play with while taking a bath and you can receive that important call from the guys sitting and waiting for you at the pub. They will enjoy your story all over again.



It’s slim and slender, stylish and feels quite light on my big hands. The Nokia 2630 is quite a gem to use. Its has a VGA camera


The phone is only 9.9mm thick which makes it’s so easy for the user to operate & carry. The handset comes with a well spaced out keypad which allows the user to input information easily & the phone comes with well positioned dedicated short cut keys. The 2630 comes with a thin film transistor screen which is known as a TFT screen which can display up to 65,000 colours. The screen size is rather good size & allows the user to view colourful wallpapers, photos, video recordings, messages & games on their screen.

The phone comes with an integrated VGA camera feature which allows the user to take a quick still photograph or record some moving footage. The camera comes with a 4 x zoom which allows the user to get closer to their subject & gain the perfect photograph or video. The integrated camera comes with a dedicated camera key which allows the user to access the camera feature in an instant. For the pictures I took good and superb. My niece loved how she looked.

I was able to share the photographs with others using the MMS messaging service, email or Bluetooth® wireless technology.

I found enough space to store my video recordings and to play back.

The Nokia 2630 is a simplistic looking handset which comes with easy to use features & the built in capabilities will suit most mobile phone user’s needs.

The phone has three preloaded games on the handset and you can download more games to suit your taste. The phone supports Java™ games which provide the user with a lively & fun packed gaming experience. The entertainment continues with the built in FM radio feature which allows the user to enjoy listening to the radio.


The 2630 supports MP3 & polyphonic ringtones with 24 voices. The phone comes with a handsfree speaker phone feature which allows the user to take a call over the phones loud speakers without having to hold the phone to their ear when on a call.

The Nokia 2630 comes with a WAP Web browser which allows the user to access the Web on their mobile phone.

Its slim slender demeanour comes with 11 Mbytes of built in memory good for storing their contacts details, messages, photographs & videos. The user can connect their Nokia 2630 to compatible Bluetooth® devices using a Bluetooth® wireless connection to transfer files.


The battery life will not disappoint; up to 312 hours of standby battery time & up to 6 hours of talk time from a fully charged battery so talk all you want. The Nokia 2630 is a dual band phone which covers GSM 900 & 1800.

And wow the phone book can hold up to one thousand contacts & the calendar comes with a weekly or monthly viewer.

The phone is quite popular with ladies and three out of every five people who bought the device were ladies. I did enjoy these features and it’s a great buy. Just one thing no memory card