It is one of those dreaded moments when your four year old grabs your phone and tries to find out if it has underwater facilities on the menu browser. Before you pull off your hair and wonder why on earth no mobile phone making company has not invented a water proof device like the guys at Rolex, Swatch and all…. Do not worry you kitchen holds a rather pleasant way of fixing your conundrum.

First option

First thing you do, do not switch on the phone water and electronics do not work very well. Also do not shake the phone. Pressing the buttons or trying to shake off the water only makes the water get deeper into the electronic circuitry. Do not use a blow dryer. The dry heat may actually create steam which will add more moisture into your device.

Second get that packet of rice that is in your kitchen cabinet.

Third remove the battery from the phone. Forth and probably the easy part put the phone inside the rice packet. The rice will act as a sponge and will literally suck out the water from the device.

Leave your phone inside the rice packet for twenty four hours in a cool dry place. Your phone should be working as new after the twenty four hours have elapsed.

Second option

If you do not have rice the place your phone up right in a cool dry place; this could be on the book shelf or one of your bed room drawers that is unlikely to be disturbed for a while. Leave the phone for twenty four hours.

The water will drain out and your phone should work after a day of therapy.

Third option

Take your phone to technician who will probably do the two options and tell you to pick your phone after a day.

Final option and rather painful, buy another phone, with this option you have the luxury of letting your four year old have a new toy that he or she will play with while taking a bath and you can receive that important call from the guys sitting and waiting for you at the pub. They will enjoy your story all over again.


2 Responses

  1. Now who would have thought that good old rice would come to the aid of a wet phone?(pun not intended). Interesting piece!!

  2. Now who would have thought that good old rice would one day come to the rescue of a modern wet phone? (pun not intended). Interesting piece.

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