Angela Kiryabwire of CMA destroys creation of 5,000 jobs in Uganda

Angela Kiryabwire of CMA destroys creation of 5,000 jobs in Uganda in search of UGX300million bribe.

Unemployment in Uganda currently stands at an alarming rate of over 65%. Millions of graduates roam the streets of Uganda every day looking for jobs without any glimpse of hope. The few jobs that are out there are extremely low paying with well-educated people earning less than UGX200, 000 per month. Thousands of Ugandans are now running to the Middle East for slavery with dead bodies sent back home every week from gross maltreatment and dehumanization. The unemployment has been a constant worry for everyone from the President to the Parliament, Parents and general public with no single solution in sight until Development Channel came onto the scene in November 2017.

The organization started with three employees in its first month, added 17 more the next month, grew to 96 full time staff by the third month, 360 Full time staff by the fifth month and now created a world class customer service center to employ 5,000 Ugandans offering full training and salaries from one million shillings and above.

There is also the plan to employ another 20,000 Ugandans in product assembly, packaging and fulfillment for their brand of mobile phones designated for shipping across Africa.

However, a terrible threat in government is bent on destroying all of this and quench the only light that thousands of unemployed youth that have seen in the country. Angela kiryabwire of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) approached Development Channel seeking a bribe of UGX300Million for the claim that its “incentive” to the initial computer tablet buyers in the country contravenes the mandate of the government agency she represents. Not able to get the money she wanted, she began series of malicious attacks against the organization not minding the hundreds of families that draw monthly salaries from there or the thousands of job seekers about to be employed. She first used government funds to publish in the newspaper that the company was illegal which had no effect as the public could see the truth for themselves. Then she wrote to Jinja Road Police station and claimed the company was defrauding people. Jinja Road Police station summoned the directors of the company, did their investigations and closed the matter saying they couldn’t see any proof of fraud. Then she wrote to the CID headquarters who also came to the corporate headquarters of the company, did their investigations, summoned management to the headquarters, did further interrogations and point blank told the CMA that they can’t see any complainant in any of the allegations, also dismissing the case. This lady was completely unsatisfied and continued to use her contacts in government as well as government given powers to continue her destruction plots. This time, she again wrote to the newly formed Financial Intelligence Authority(FIA) who without any due process investigations of hearing from the company in question, froze all their accounts denying access to funds for the payment of wages, support of staff or even fulfillment of the orders of hundreds of Ugandans. The FIA is also without any conviction or even trial by any court of law in Uganda threatening to confiscate all assets that belong to the organization including buildings secured for creation of 5,000 jobs.

Angela Kiryabwire of the Capital Markets Authority is the worst of the worst in government officials. A person who only rides on the connections built by her family name and in the 21st century, does not have a single clue that APPS are actually now companies, yet is leading one of the most important aspects of the Uganda private sector development in capital markets leaves too much to be desired of this government in appointing progressive and deserving people to positions of authority. Her blatant disregard for the lives and wellbeing of thousands of Ugandans is alarming to say the least. The United Kingdom is protecting Russian billionaires who stole government wealth from oil and invested in their country (Chelsea Football Club is a classic example) just to ensure that jobs are created for the citizens and here we are seeing a government official bent on destroying job creation efforts on the grounds of invalidated suspicion. Wow Uganda! When will government officials simply begin to care for our own citizens and not just their selfish interest!

Development Channel stakeholders from employees to shareholders who are in their thousands as well as the sympathetic public are planning a massive protest march to the headquarters of the ministry of finance against this high level bias and gross victimization bringing more embarrassment to the government than it needs right now. The FIA should better release their funds and stay away from creating unfavorable business environment for job creators and the ministry of finance should call Angela Kiryabwire and the CMA to order or this issue will definitely get much worse than anyone can imagine since countless retired Uganda army professionals who served in dangerous foreign missions are also stakeholders in Development Channel.