Africa Trade the World: A Development Channel Perspective

Africa Trade the World: A Development Channel Perspective

For years now some African governments, think-tanks, scholars and the celebrity world has for a while been mooting on ways to repatriate stolen capital through the colonial era and during the post independence Africa through corrupt proceeds and clever tax evasion from multinationals.

The sad part is the implicit nature western governments are doing to protect the tax havens (UK government owning 7 of the 14 tax free jurisdictions) and the ‘I cannot reveal the account details of the illegal monies). 2020 if the year that the G7 has marked as the start of disclosure. But the question is Will the Wealthy West Countries play ball?
History has good cases such as The Treaty of Versailles (signed in 1919) and the 1921 London Schedule of Payments required Germany to pay 132 billion gold marks (US$33 billion) in reparations to cover civilian damage caused during the war.

Africa, as a major source of capital flight, needs to speak with a unified voice on this issue, and to spearhead the fight against capital flight, including the tracing and recovery of these ‘stolen’ assets. This requires that African policy makers and the broader populace fully appreciate the magnitude of the capital flight problem and its various manifestations, as well as its impacts on Africa’s development.
So what strategy should be applied? A trade boycott of Western products, or an improve trading environment (with the world trade organisation, Western countries still provide subsidies to their people while Africa is told to refrain from it)… Nonetheless Africa governments, think-tanks and institutions should still increase pressure on the existing funds still in western government to be returned either through concerted efforts and campaigns.

Now even more than ever Africa should press on and call the bluff as the game of polka goes. Africa holds the future of the world in her hands.

While governments wrestle with how to come up with a win-win situation; where western governments try to encourage their citizens and companies to increase the level of direct investment (which could be a result of the Chinese and Africa dalliance). According to Global Financial Integrity (GFI), a Washington think thank, illicit financial flows from developing regions grew at an average rate of 8.5% to 10.1% a year between 2005 and 2014

Globally, illegal capital flight nearly reached $1 trillion in 2014, at the high end of the GFI’s estimate, and just over $600 billion at the low end.In 2014, illicit outflows were largest in Asia, pegged at between $272 billion and $388 billion. In sub-Saharan Africa, illicit capital flight that year was estimated at $36 billion to $69 billion. However, measured against scale of trade, the impact of the illicit outflows from sub-Saharan Africa was much greater.

To keep such pressure on Governments a campaign to bring back the stolen funds is being waged by the Development Channel. They state as follows
Here is why you should support Development Channel’s Economic War
It is no secret that capitalist economies owe their development to the plunder of African resources siphoned since Colonialism. Not only was Africa used as a source of cheap raw material for the Industrial Revolution in the late 17th Century, it was also the home of forced labour through slave trade.
Ever since, even with the independence of African countries, the theft of African resources has continued through multi-national companies either directly through theft of natural resources or the trade imbalance that allows for their products to flood our markets at impossible prices yet made from African fabric, metal, and other resources.
As a result, the income disparities have increased the gap between the rich and the poor locking the continent into a cycle of debt, war, disease, famine that the capitalists use as a stepping stone to continue their cycle of theft unfettered through a cosmetic term — foreign aid.

This “aid” is what keeps African governments doing the bidding of these “donors” fueled by International media’s biased coverage of Africa often anecdoted with horrific pictures of starving African children, painting the picture of desperation.
Ever wonder why war has never ended in Africa? It is because of the invisible hand of foreign governments fuelling conflict to continue their theft of African resources. African luminaries such as Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara who saw and condemned this theft decades ago were assassinated by capitalist regimes who in turn propelled the rise of puppet leaders that would allow their plunder to continue at a cut.
50 years later, even with the “aid” Africa has purportedly received, poverty, disease, hunger, poor infrastructure and other social ills are still a reality. The response is simple; Africa cannot be developed by other people other than Africans. This is why Development Channel has launched the continent’s first attempt to reverse the shame Africa has endured for centuries.
The program dubbed the Economic War is a deliberate effort to give Africans the power to dig themselves out of the entanglement they have been enslaved in through making informed economic choices that come with benefits that will change the continent’s living conditions and eventually, drive poverty out.
What is the Economic War?
It is essentially a patriotic approach that empowers Africans to build their continent by limiting how much money is taken out by foreign companies and using it to iron the income disparities, promote social welfare, support innovation through quality education and reduce Africa’s imports from the rest of world through industrialization.
The vision bearers argue that by stopping the capital flight out of the continent which stands at $203bn, the continent can solve her endemic production problems and be able to compete favourably with the rest of the world in terms of trade, innovation, and infrastructure.
The proponents are confident that Africa can be a powerhouse of industrialization owing to her natural resource endowment, create jobs for her people, export more and halt the capitalist exploitation that has kept the continent in a poor shape for years.
In turn, the functional welfare system, a progressive and healthy business environment in which local companies can outcompete foreign companies in bidding for local projects such as road, dam and railway construction, Africa will finally get her share of the cake that it has been denied.
How you can support the Economic War
Like any other war, the economic war needs the support of citizens to succeed. To begin with, one can start by boycotting foreign made products and substitute them with locally manufactured ones. Development Channel has launched the elegant No Drop-Out Smartphone – the first made on the continent to counter the Chinese, South Korean, American and European made good-for-nothing expensive products that fill our market shelves.
As a benefit, the company gives you a stake with the all-new financial and welfare economic system that guarantees you a monthly dividend. This Africa-first approach will catapult the continent from a poor, dependent and underdeveloped block to one of the world’s most competitive and attractive areas for business development.
To join the war, visit and be part of a vision that will make Africa the coveted continent it ought to be.



The Eritrean Law Society has joined the furore towards the Eritrean Government to release detained former finance minister of finance Mr Berhane Abrehe.

The Eritrea Law Society applied and secured a grant of Provisional Measures, delivered by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.
Through this grant the Eritrean law society and the African Commission has adopted Provisional Measures, requesting the State of Eritrea to:
End the incommunicado detention of the victim by disclosing his location, providing him with access to legal representation and unhindered access to his family
Inform the victim of the reason for his arrest, and bring him before a competent court of law within the shortest possible time, or alternatively if no charges are brought against the victim, to ensure his immediate release. The Eritrean state should provide Mr Berhane with regular and unhindered necessary access to medical and health care and guarantee Mr Berhane’s safety and well-being while in custody.
The Africa Commission Provisional Measures was communicated to President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea office in a letter dated 29 October 2018, with reference number: ACHPR/PROVM/ERI/704/18/1689/18.
The Eritrean Government is requested to report back to the Commission on the implementation of the Provisional Measures within 15 days of receipt of the request.

Speaking from Sweden, Mussie Ephrem a lawyer and member of the law society of Eritrea says ‘This proves again the credibility of the regional human rights instrument we have in the continent. This is the new Africa where rule of law is the future’.

On September 13th 2018, a number of former and exiled Eritrean leaders issued a joint statement of support for Mr Berhane Abrehe saying, ‘We, the undersigned exiled members of the Eritrean National Assembly, would like to express our strong support to the courageous act taken by our colleague, Ato Berhane Abrehe Kidane, the former Minister of Finance, against the dictatorial regime of Ato Isaias Afwerki.
In a recent message, Ato Berhane Abrehe has outlined a process in which Ato Isaias Afwerki would surrender power to the Eritrean National Assembly in a “peaceful, legal, civilized and Eritrean manner.” We strongly support the call to end the reign of tyranny, hand power to the people and bestow legitimacy on the Government of the State of Eritrea.
The Eritrean office of the president is yet to reply and has remained silent on this matter and requests for comments on the matter from the president press secretary has been futile.

In a recent interview with Eri-tv President Isaias Afwerki only made comments on the lost 25 years of isolation and the need for cooperation with the African Union saying ‘Without going too far, if we look at our region–Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti–if we can create cooperative relationship, the tense situation would give way to joint infrastructure based on co-operation and mutual respect’.

Angela Kiryabwire of CMA destroys creation of 5,000 jobs in Uganda

Angela Kiryabwire of CMA destroys creation of 5,000 jobs in Uganda in search of UGX300million bribe.

Unemployment in Uganda currently stands at an alarming rate of over 65%. Millions of graduates roam the streets of Uganda every day looking for jobs without any glimpse of hope. The few jobs that are out there are extremely low paying with well-educated people earning less than UGX200, 000 per month. Thousands of Ugandans are now running to the Middle East for slavery with dead bodies sent back home every week from gross maltreatment and dehumanization. The unemployment has been a constant worry for everyone from the President to the Parliament, Parents and general public with no single solution in sight until Development Channel came onto the scene in November 2017.

The organization started with three employees in its first month, added 17 more the next month, grew to 96 full time staff by the third month, 360 Full time staff by the fifth month and now created a world class customer service center to employ 5,000 Ugandans offering full training and salaries from one million shillings and above.

There is also the plan to employ another 20,000 Ugandans in product assembly, packaging and fulfillment for their brand of mobile phones designated for shipping across Africa.

However, a terrible threat in government is bent on destroying all of this and quench the only light that thousands of unemployed youth that have seen in the country. Angela kiryabwire of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) approached Development Channel seeking a bribe of UGX300Million for the claim that its “incentive” to the initial computer tablet buyers in the country contravenes the mandate of the government agency she represents. Not able to get the money she wanted, she began series of malicious attacks against the organization not minding the hundreds of families that draw monthly salaries from there or the thousands of job seekers about to be employed. She first used government funds to publish in the newspaper that the company was illegal which had no effect as the public could see the truth for themselves. Then she wrote to Jinja Road Police station and claimed the company was defrauding people. Jinja Road Police station summoned the directors of the company, did their investigations and closed the matter saying they couldn’t see any proof of fraud. Then she wrote to the CID headquarters who also came to the corporate headquarters of the company, did their investigations, summoned management to the headquarters, did further interrogations and point blank told the CMA that they can’t see any complainant in any of the allegations, also dismissing the case. This lady was completely unsatisfied and continued to use her contacts in government as well as government given powers to continue her destruction plots. This time, she again wrote to the newly formed Financial Intelligence Authority(FIA) who without any due process investigations of hearing from the company in question, froze all their accounts denying access to funds for the payment of wages, support of staff or even fulfillment of the orders of hundreds of Ugandans. The FIA is also without any conviction or even trial by any court of law in Uganda threatening to confiscate all assets that belong to the organization including buildings secured for creation of 5,000 jobs.

Angela Kiryabwire of the Capital Markets Authority is the worst of the worst in government officials. A person who only rides on the connections built by her family name and in the 21st century, does not have a single clue that APPS are actually now companies, yet is leading one of the most important aspects of the Uganda private sector development in capital markets leaves too much to be desired of this government in appointing progressive and deserving people to positions of authority. Her blatant disregard for the lives and wellbeing of thousands of Ugandans is alarming to say the least. The United Kingdom is protecting Russian billionaires who stole government wealth from oil and invested in their country (Chelsea Football Club is a classic example) just to ensure that jobs are created for the citizens and here we are seeing a government official bent on destroying job creation efforts on the grounds of invalidated suspicion. Wow Uganda! When will government officials simply begin to care for our own citizens and not just their selfish interest!

Development Channel stakeholders from employees to shareholders who are in their thousands as well as the sympathetic public are planning a massive protest march to the headquarters of the ministry of finance against this high level bias and gross victimization bringing more embarrassment to the government than it needs right now. The FIA should better release their funds and stay away from creating unfavorable business environment for job creators and the ministry of finance should call Angela Kiryabwire and the CMA to order or this issue will definitely get much worse than anyone can imagine since countless retired Uganda army professionals who served in dangerous foreign missions are also stakeholders in Development Channel.

Hacked Taxi Mobile Apps in Kenya

Some time in late 2017 a top executive of Mondo taxi mobile phone application made an abrupt travel plan for Nairobi. The trip was not pleasure to see great migration at the maasai mara but rather as a firefighting mission.

The Mondo Taxi application systems had been hacked by clever IT fellows in Kenya. The hack was a scam that involved a few drivers that had signed up with the application and the IT experts. The drivers would essentially earn money from none existing trips. All they had to do is switch on their phones and the boys algorithm takes over by creating the rides using fake people, fake pick ups and drop offs. The share would be 85% for the driver since they take more risk and 15% for the hackers.

For Mondo this was obviously not good thus the hurriedly planned trip for one of its top executives. In Nairobi the mission was two pronged; first to stop the haemorrhage and possibly pay off the hackers and two to know the boys (they could also be girls) managed to hack their system. The pay off is speculated to have been $50,000 or Kshs 5 million. The firm may have lost a sizeable amount of its revenues from this group of people depending on how long they were on it.

While Mondo was firefighting this Ubber had called on the hackers and were negotiating with them. Ubber sort find out where the weakness were in their systems from the hackers and ofcourse a payout must have been dished out

For this group of people Mondo was not the only mobile taxi application that has been hacked and loosing money. Taxify, Ubber, littleride and the others have been victims of this syndicate. Littleride was they easiest system to hack for the syndicates since it offers a relatively week firewall. For this firms having this information in the public is damaging for their reputation.

In Kenya firms are said to have lost Kshs 17 billion to hacking syndicates and cyber crime in 2016 with this figure more likely to rise as hackers perfect their skills. On average telecos like safaricom, airtel, telkom experience over 60,000 hacking attempts in a month. Our banks don’t fair well either with cases of hacking on the rise. Cooperative Bank of Kenya was a recent victim of hack that involved a crafty individual that made a programme to deposit only cents of any transaction into one account. Not shillings but just cents. So imagine how many transactions will involve the odd 20, 50, 99 cents in a day for the bank. And you cannot forget the Kenya Revenue Authority hack.

In short hackers are always ahead of their game ever devising new ways to steal. However this should not stop people developing apps or using banks. It is the nature of our world that people will always device ways to steal or profit from what isn’t theirs. While it may be manmade so easily breached building on better security and stronger firewalls will suffice and hopefully reduce the haemorrhage.

As for Mondo, Ubber, Taxify, Littleride and the others, they are still in business and hopefully will continue to be in business.

If I had met Obama and Unye


So when potus met pork (president of the United States of America – POTUS, president of the Republic of Kenya – PORK)… Don’t even think of acronym of Nigeria, the social network was abuzz with what went on and who met whom.
Well I also did meet the two ‘kinda’.

Due to no effort from my end and after a rigorous security check by the US national security agency nsa, drug enforcement agency dea, cia, fbi, secret service and not to forget the Kenyan side; I was finally approved to meet the two after a vetting session by kavulundi and parliament.

So how was the meeting?

Unfortunately after a Friday party to celebrate obama’s landing, I was incapacitated and only recovered on Monday when potus was in addis.

So what is unye asking obama,  ‘you also know the guy…small world it has become ‘


On the first of october 2012 about a million fake mobile phones were switched off in kenya. To the million subscribers my heart felt sympathies. A week before this i was using such a device a ‘nokla’ not a nokia for your info. It did look like a nokia xpress with its red trimming on its sides but lacked the essentials features of the real deal. What the nokla lacked in features and character was replaced by a wireless fm radio , three slots for sim cards and even a microsd slot. But lo it claim for having bluetooth was just that a claim so is the internet. But its ring tones and volume was so loud that once had me in a dialema. You see while going home late one night in a very dangerous section of my neighbourhood, my drunk brothers started calling me. My device was so loud and its disco lights made me any easy target for the street thieves. Fortunately the same noise did give courage to some ‘neighbours’ to join me. This notwithstanding the devise had its many ups and definately too many downs. For instance i stopped using the nokla while in a bathroom or toilet, it just used to lose network , maybe it had good toilet manners

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,300 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 38 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


It has been a while and it doesn’t feel all that strange just a bit awkward for not having been blogging for a some time.

As folks get into the season of merry making and the odd present or two, our kenyan companies like most companies around the world are at it again. Buy two and get one free…or get the large bottle and get 15% free….

its that time for ‘free’ stuff…. and if you have no stuff to give and all you are selling is air then you either tell your customers that if you watch me and incessantly text me from morning till evening you me walk into our studio and have your picture taken with a big size cheque of say 1,000,000 kenya shilling.

Kwachu, tazama, ma mili are all very clever ways to make money from broke desperate kenyans like me. lets calculate here and see how we get robbed in living daylight

To send a Text message via GSM mobile network in kenya is roughly 3 shilling (that’s if you have to send across networks). So having gained my trust as your preferred television channel for the important soap opera from Mexico and Philippines (I like the one with a beautiful doctor who is a fashion designer who falls in love with  some guy), anyway because they have given me this important (i would die if I miss) television programme, I tend to believe that they have my best interest at heart.

Back to my Text messaging, so the television station tells me that I must keep watching this very educative and entertaining piece of mastery art and send to e preferred number an sms saying tazama, ma mili or something bla bla bla.   and the more a send the higher the chances are for me winning half a million or one million bob.

So what do I do, I get onto my phone book and text as many people while calling other asking them to join me in the quest of making me a millionaire. Oh did I forget to say that while I talk more on my networking i have a chance of also becoming a millionaire and winning a goat too.

Who ever that said that all good things comes in doubles was right.

Say but did you know that the cost of sending that SMS is 5 times more the cost of a normal SMS across the network. and by the time you finish reading this not so informative post that the companies involved will have made 20 times the prize money that they are giving per day.

Every time a winner dressed in their sunday best stands with a life size cheque of 500,000…the company involved will have made over 10 million bob. Not bad would you say..actually a brilliant how to get revenues quickly from desperate individuals like me.

and by the way you will have to pay tax on that winning that has you grinning from east to west.

Finally if you are not using a dual sim card mobile phone you must be from europe or the west. All cousins of mine those that live in Kabaka Land and Bongo land are all walking with a dabo dabo phone.

Its really a nice device…. when credit is over on one I just switch to the other and you know what caught my eye ….. it is the guarantee given by the device makers 24months plus 1..

that would mean that each side has an extra 15 days….so what if it fell on february….I was born in february by the way.


I recently went to shoot a docu at the Daddab refugee camp in north eastern Kenya. started some twenty years ago, the camp has now turned into a city of sought’s.

but it is not the size or status of the camp that caught my eye but rather the it was the side shows that made for an interesting tell tale.

there are three camps at daddab.. the population now stands at 525,000 that is of yesterday’s count. that number is most likely to increase whether were are at war with al shabab and ze border has been closed.

in this camps life goes on as if there is nothing amiss or any civil strife just 80 miles due east. anyway you have got your well laid streets in the camp with house gates….yes gates to the house since you do not want un welcomed persons to just waltz right in.

you see since the camp was established now twenty years old a boy or gal born then would have attained that age that allows for anything…and in this camp these good people do what is expected of life.

so while checking my camera kit I was invited to a bachelor party in hagadera… the groom had organised a lavish party that had the trappings on Nairobi and it was all going well untill one of the guests were had been overcome by the bleating of a sheep that he decided that only one could make noise.

so the good fellow run after the little sheep until the sheep felt tired and stopped. pitty the guy had not noticed that the sheep had stopped running or being chased.

and as that was going on I was happy to see an old acquaintance that happened to have met in while coming to daddab.

this man had walked for 80 plus mile towards garisa town looking for his donkey. his search had started two days earlier. he had reached his destination about four hours before we met and was now going back 80 plus miles to daddab and for him every thing had been dependannt on his noble donkey….
since leaving daddab he had shut down his shop and locals had been with out the services of grocery(s)…..didn’t know to put that line.

anyway the donkey had wondered into the daddab police station and the guy had done 160 miles

bag with no bang

Over the last few months I have been in and out of Kenya several times and I must say …. Kenyans have a pretty cool way of reaching handas in Kenya and marakan in Ethiopia.

So over the next couple of posts I will share my surprise visits to the high echelons of power to the sublime and also not fancy street corners where dollars are exchanged at buyer’s say where fake means actually feasible and where original costs the right connections.

so brace yourself for what i have been through in the most entertaining way (i was entertained by it) hope you do.