I recently went to shoot a docu at the Daddab refugee camp in north eastern Kenya. started some twenty years ago, the camp has now turned into a city of sought’s.

but it is not the size or status of the camp that caught my eye but rather the it was the side shows that made for an interesting tell tale.

there are three camps at daddab.. the population now stands at 525,000 that is of yesterday’s count. that number is most likely to increase whether were are at war with al shabab and ze border has been closed.

in this camps life goes on as if there is nothing amiss or any civil strife just 80 miles due east. anyway you have got your well laid streets in the camp with house gates….yes gates to the house since you do not want un welcomed persons to just waltz right in.

you see since the camp was established now twenty years old a boy or gal born then would have attained that age that allows for anything…and in this camp these good people do what is expected of life.

so while checking my camera kit I was invited to a bachelor party in hagadera… the groom had organised a lavish party that had the trappings on Nairobi and it was all going well untill one of the guests were had been overcome by the bleating of a sheep that he decided that only one could make noise.

so the good fellow run after the little sheep until the sheep felt tired and stopped. pitty the guy had not noticed that the sheep had stopped running or being chased.

and as that was going on I was happy to see an old acquaintance that happened to have met in while coming to daddab.

this man had walked for 80 plus mile towards garisa town looking for his donkey. his search had started two days earlier. he had reached his destination about four hours before we met and was now going back 80 plus miles to daddab and for him every thing had been dependannt on his noble donkey….
since leaving daddab he had shut down his shop and locals had been with out the services of grocery(s)…..didn’t know to put that line.

anyway the donkey had wondered into the daddab police station and the guy had done 160 miles