On the first of october 2012 about a million fake mobile phones were switched off in kenya. To the million subscribers my heart felt sympathies. A week before this i was using such a device a ‘nokla’ not a nokia for your info. It did look like a nokia xpress with its red trimming on its sides but lacked the essentials features of the real deal. What the nokla lacked in features and character was replaced by a wireless fm radio , three slots for sim cards and even a microsd slot. But lo it claim for having bluetooth was just that a claim so is the internet. But its ring tones and volume was so loud that once had me in a dialema. You see while going home late one night in a very dangerous section of my neighbourhood, my drunk brothers started calling me. My device was so loud and its disco lights made me any easy target for the street thieves. Fortunately the same noise did give courage to some ‘neighbours’ to join me. This notwithstanding the devise had its many ups and definately too many downs. For instance i stopped using the nokla while in a bathroom or toilet, it just used to lose network , maybe it had good toilet manners