When the communication bill 2008 was brought in or presented to parliament, many people especially the Media Owners made so much noise over the ‘draconian law’ that was meant to take Kenya back to the dark ages; as was amplified by the media companies.

The stories by the media were well orchestrated. In fact the used a device that has become part and parcel of most people’s lives. The mobile phone.  The stories were both horrifying and factually so wrong that bordered more on lies.

For orgnisations that are meant to inform the public, the messages that were transmitted from the news rooms was that in simple words this: IF YOU TAMPER WITH YOU OWN MOBILE PHONE’S PHYSICAL FEATURES YOU WOULD BE LIABLE TO HAVE BROKEN A LAW’

Now let’s get this cleared. You get up from your digs and trot to a shopping centre and decide to by a mobile phone. The choice and array is awesome. Having acquired the gadget you decide to change the face of the phone with the colours of AFC LEOPARDS FOOTBALL CLUB. It’s blue if you would wish to know. Now it’s so happens that there are some entrepreneurs whose occupation is to design covers for devices and other electronics gadgets. They have licenses for this mind you and the trade is worldwide and the makers of electronic devices seem to enjoy this no one has yet to object to this.

Now you have your phone’s cover changed, but still something is missing. The ring tone has to sound like you in fact you hand set has a feature that allows you to assign tones to you different contacts.

So when did it become a crime to up load a ring tone from the internet into your phone. This is not what that bill said. It did not even suggest anything close to what the media had said. Yet all the NGOs were up in arms over the ‘draconian law’

The truth is quite simple and straight forward. Media owners are only concerned about the bottom line and if anything so suggest an interference of their profit margins then that will naturally become draconian. The quota provision on programming is found in all the developed countries so what’s the big deal? Well it’s quite simple, companies will be required to hire more to make local programmes or create that local content threshold. Thus more in employment will naturally erode the big profits and less bonuses and perks for the executives.

And when it comes to regulation, for god sake look Google the FCC of America and tell me if the states have this why are we trying to take off our clothes like spoilt brats that seem to think that the government is so against our existences. Pathetic

Lying to the public about a gadget that has changed their lives was quite a low blow to win an argument and its unfortunate that the public in Kenya is so easily  and always coerced into believing what the says as the truth.

The choreography orchestrated by our media  in Kenya has blinded so many of us that reading comments on the net not only amuses me but also shows the bias that is so heavily entrenched with most of us. But this is my opinion. 6 billion of us 6 billion opinion, you do not need to accept mine but I respect yours.

But what can I say my friend has learnt everything about life from the good old television

“When will I learn? The answer to life’s problems aren’t at the bottom of a bottle, they’re on TV!” Homer Simpson