For a while now most mobile phone networks in the region had one kind of promotion. A promotion that was geared at making its customers use more of its products.

Known to its marketing departments as a rewards scheme, the promotions have been quite interesting to watch, participate and if you win, rekindle that friendship that for some reason died.
The networks counts on its clients to hopefully spend more on the network and as the game of chances go win at least a branded pen.

As I said right after the budget, the networks have to device new ways to stream in revenues and they seem to have gotten the Q especially from the mobile manufacturers.
Since mid 2007 many mobile manufacturers have been introducing devices that are WAP enable. This includes entry-level devices that make it possible for users to experience the vast opportunities that lie in the World Wide Web.

So it should be rather obvious if you are a mobile network to turn your attention to DATA.
And am not disappointed all the networks are busy selling their modems and they come with all kinds of offers.
We have over 13 million mobile phone users and have just half of this number using data can translate to more revenue per user.
Remember when someone gets hooked onto the net he/she will easily subscribe to such services like Skype.

While dude will be happy that the cost of calling will be reduced drastically, to get to skype they will have to be either Safcom, Orange or Zain.
Apart from the many ‘freebies’ that one gets from the net, many guys will begin creating E-Commerce products and services spurring a whole new sector.

I am excited now that I could easily surf and drive away with a C class.
Its all in the math of probability…. And the sum of all this is that more people on the net … it will be cheap for me to upload my shower rendition of that song that I keep forgetting the title…..