Friday 30th of July 2010 was as expected in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya. The Communication Commission of Kenya’s SIM registration deadline hard reached. The last minute rush was evident with queues of folks who took time off to register their Subscriber Identity Module or SIM cards.

So many people have been asking me why they need all this information about me. Aren’t the number and my name sufficient? Will they track my every movement… no that cannot be good for me?

Unlike the American or Europeans, who hate their government is in tax collection. Kenyans have a phobia with government period’. So for Kenyans when a government agency comes and give dealines to the aqusition of information that related to their identities question start.

An example, my friend laura is a very beautiful lady. Married and  doing well with her life, she however of late has not been in a happy mood. The reason was the randy nature of her husband. Story goes that she was to meet the hubby for urgent shopping excursion, what was being bought irrelevant.

Laura had been calling the hubby fervently for nearly 2 hours saying that he was stuck in a jam. Well hubby was actually stuck in a jam of sorts, having gone with another lady for extracurricular activities he inedvatedly left behind hiw wallet and could not settle his bills at the sport stadia cum motel.

Now as I sat to listen to laura the hubby called and asked me kindly to Mpesa him some money and to tell laura that am with him……you finish the story

So for the hubby will the registration of the SIM card entail a tracking of sort or will the other interested party such as a wife or husband have access to the other person whereabouts? Well the simple answer is NO.

In the simplest of terms the purpose of the registry is mainly to curb or control crime associated with this SIM card. Frtequent kidnapping and other extorting crimes have escalated in this region due the walk in walk out aspect of buying a SIM card from any corner, kiosk, or dealership.

If it was very easy for you to buy into the Mpesa, Zap, Yucash requirements then this shouldn’t be a hassle.

As for laura …. she became a pro and now the hubby is playing hunter….