Over the couple of weeks the FM stations in Nairobi have been going gaga over the Q9. So I decided to have look at this gadget and I was impressed by what the folks at Moto have done to upgrade this device, remember this used to be the Motorola Q smart phone.

Now called the Q9, the phone is even smarter with a better keyboard.

What you get is a curved keyboard. The keys are formed better and larger if you used first Q smart phone. You will also discover that the round d-pad with about four new launch buttons. Two on top while two at the bottom.

Due to this additions, buttons such as the space bar is smaller but remember that the Q9 is primarily deigned as a data input device. So typing emails is like a duck in water.What I found interesting is the lack of WiFi so make more use of the Bluetooth, I also found a different style of USB port (micro-USB) mmmm.

Well the device packs a lot internally. Instead of the 1.3 mega pixel the camera now is 2.0mp. Processor is a TI OMAP at 325 MHz up from the 312MHz. The RAM is 96MB and 25MB ROM. This makes it quite efficient when organising and trying to find that elusive email. I was impressed that it did not hang up when I tried to check over 50 emails.

To add storage capacity for those important documents and images through a microSD slot. The original Q had a MiniSD slot.Software Windows Mobile 6 so DocumentToGo will not grace this device so get used to MobileOffice.

The phone should able support the new 3G services being offered by our mobile telephony network.How fast is the phone well check this, since it’s a quad band with EDGE, GPRS, UMTS and the superb HSDPA.

The speed is 3.6MB now that is fast pretty fast I must say.So if are the person who is constantly on the go with your office, hail the new refurbed Motorola Q9. It’s a good buy. 


French man Henri Stendhal put it candidly that ‘only great minds can afford a simple style’. A couple of weeks ago I did mention briefly about a well designed and stylish mobile phone. The Nokia E51 is a well designed and functional device. 

I finally got hold of this device and from handling it for a week this is my verdict. The E51 is not just another numerical addition to the E series as is compared to the E 50 but, is slimmer, about 12 mm making it a versatile business phone.

The phone which is the thinnest of the E series range is exactly 100 grams and comes with many of the features found in a symbian 60 device. I found the screen quite big measuring 2 inches corner to corner. It provides for a reach screen experience with pixels of 320 x 240 and 16 million colours. 

The fassad that is hidden in the simple casing of sliver and black is amazing. I stood outside the Nation Centre building and I was able to access several wireless LAN points such as Nation Media, The Stanley Hotel access point (which is fifty metres away), Nakumatt, Linksys and another four which included a bank.

The E51 has improved on the battery life. I was able to get 14 hours from this phone as compared with other S60 devices. 

The E51 is a quadband phone that supports 3G and HSPDA. With no front camera do not think of two way video calls. Do not pull out your hair, it still packs a lot. It has  Wi-Fi and it supports SIP which means you can use your favourite VoIP software which should work fine as long as its supports the S60 Nokia platform. Bluetooth is here, too, and so is infra-red.There is a generous 130MB of built-in storage, and you can add this with microSD cards up to 4GB,how about that. The slot is under the battery cover, but not under the battery, so it is really easy to swap cards.

Well its not all good. These are the draw backs. The 2 megapixel camera has no autofocus or a flash, so you can not take cool pictures of your dates during a business dinner or party. For a business device it buggs that you can not edit office documents. Make sure your have proof read the documents before saving them on the phone. Has the farmiliar USB cable but you can not charge battery via the cable. The multimedia interface is stale stale stale.

Apart from those few hicks ups,the one thing that is wonderful about the E51 is the extra buttons. Surrounding the silver navigation key and its large central select button are no less than nine other buttons. Call and End, the two Nokia softkeys and the Nokia backspace key are accompanied by four ‘one-touch’ keys.Each of these has three functions. The one marked with a calendar icon opens the calendar software if you tap it quickly. Hold it down and you jump straight into creating a new meeting. Tap it twice and the first tap takes you to the calendar so you can view the current month, the second tap takes you out to whatever application you were previously using.There are similar functions for the email and contacts keys. The fourth key, marked with a home icon, takes you to the applications menu with a short tap; back to the Active Standby screen with another tap; and if you hold it down, gives you an application switcher so you can move between opened applications. If you get used to these keys all you will be saying is ‘oh my’ and ‘holy …..’

After a week and here it comes writing this post using the E51 all I can say, owesome device nokia kudos kudos kudos

My recommendation to all kenyans tis the phone of the time that’s if you are an enterprise guy.    


I thought it would end but by the way mobile and electronic companies are churning up new and trendy devices, the Friday night at the pub show off will still continue.

You know that day when you become the sales executive of Sony Ericsson, Nokia or Apple and the Xperia X1 is the hottest gadget in town and if your buddies do not get it soon they may loose out. 

Well Kenyans have been and will continue to be technology stylists; people who use technology to define who they are. Take my friend Lady H for instance she like her phones very much in fact the if the packaging is groovy you had her with at with the box. What Lady H told me the other day is that while she loves the way Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and the rest design those lovely boxes, she seems never to find the same colour schemes on the phone’s wallpaper or themes. 

Thinking about it she could be right. When mobile makers have people like Lady H with the box, keeping them in the box becomes the taste in the pudding. After looking for a theme or wallpaper that defines you and also that fancy ring tone, the array of features become the saving grace.  

Predictable most of us first turn to the messaging facilities where we spend a couple of minutes to draft particular messages for some people while at the same time getting the settings right…. You know like having the message delivered on and yes the T9 dictionary. Who have that came up with the predictive texting facility was a genius.

Not only is it the fastest way to way to type a message, you can create and save your own words.Well that’s cool for us in Kenya, but for people in New Zealand using the T9 is such a hassle. For a nation that has the Queen of England as its sovereign the predictive sms is such a bother. According to John Bridges a scribe from Auckland, the makers of the T9 – Nuance (not sure of the spelling) of Massachusetts, some how forgot about that Island below the Australia. The Kiwis use English as their first and national language.

To John typing Maui word is a headache. T9 dictionary works in predictive mode or on the likelihood of what the dictionary will sense that you are trying to say so counter check are very important. For instance say you want to say ‘I don’t want to watch TV. I want to watch a movie.’ Now if you are using T9 the word movie if you do not confirm there are two other words that your phone could give you is motifs or mother. Now imagine how inappropriate watching mother would be. 

For John, I do hope that some hears you plea and I will be waiting to see if you do come up with a T9 dictionary that will be used by people from the Kiwi nation. For Lady H the colour scheme may soon be found in the themes and wallpaper.

As for me let me predict myself out. Ha ha that funny predict myself out..


I have been carrying the Nokia 5310 xpressmusic for a week and unless someone calls, I would most often forget that indeed there is a phone in my pocket. The phone remarkably light for its device range; weighing just 71 grams the Nokia 5310 xpressmusic is well designed as compared with its predecessors and looks rather nice.

The black, slate grey and brilliant red on its side strikes out to any one and makes the phone stand out. The phone comes in two colours that is red and blue. The tri-band 5310 Xpressmusic is made for the people who crave for constant tunes. To this end Nokia has invested a lot in ensuring that the device offers that service. The left side of the phone houses the music controls which are marked in silver against the red back ground.

For all you who have had experienced the music express range this screen side music button should be familiar but now the Nokia design team has perfected this on the 5310 Xpressmusic. What is also remarkable is that for such a slender phone, a 3.5 inch jack is found right at the top where surprisingly most of the ports are. Due to this, the head set wire do not get tangled up as is found in most other devices. That I must say is just brilliant.

As a music device the phone has an FM radio and the side-mounted controls can be used to flick through your saved radio channels. The phone is a symbian S40, so it lack the feature found in the S60 devices but check this out while I was surfing the web I found out that the phone has …..two web browsers. Yes two web browsers. You can use the web icon on the menu screen or go to the application folder and you will stumble onto a folder called collections here you find Opera Mini. By the way the Opera Mini is a far better browser I kid you not.

As any device in this range, it synchronises data with your pc and this is done with the provided USB cable and software. The built in memory is 30MB, but Nokia provides a 2GB microSD card to give you a generous amount of storage. The phone’s display 16 million colours. The 2MP camera gives dissent images although if you are the type that likes taking every little new thing that you baby dose then the interesting animation that appear when you capture may cause you to loose that back flip that you angel did to impress you. Nokia has to remove this animation

The phonebook has a capacity of 2000 entries so all you friends, relatives, your pets; your kids pets and so on can be accommodated. And just to remind you who is calling, photocall is there. My recommendation: it’s a good phone and well priced for its array of features and its was smashing that one of the manuals is in Kiswahili.