The mobile world congress that took place last was full of new devices, software and the safaricom network won an award for its M-Pesa. But first lets take a look a the device of the meet.

According to its makers the device which is in an Arc slider design comes 3 inch Wide VGA display and premium metal body: with its sophisticated and distinctive design, XPERIA™ X1 redefines premiumness. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 comes with Windows Mobile® which allows you to enjoy your favorite entertainment and work efficiently on the move.  

According to the execs at Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X1 is not a smart phone but more of a gaming device. Well it will be hard for the Xperia X1 to remain as a gaming device while it’s comes with all the facilities found in most smart phones in the market. The phone lets you enjoy the convergence of communication and entertainment. You can be able to experience the features by simply touching the XPERIA™ panel interface. The QWERTY keyboard makes writing fast and easy.

Arc slider design

The arc design gives XPERIA™ X1 a distinctive and unique feel. Slide the screen upwards to reveal the wide-pitch QWERTY keyboard.

Video call

See who’s talking with your 3G phone. During a video call, you see a live video stream of the person you’re talking to and they can see you.

RSS feeds

With rss feed your phone allows you to view up-to-the-minute news and other content from selected Web sites and blogs. Just subscribe to the feed and let it come to you.

Web wherever

Truly mobile internet lets you enjoy browsing the Web and effectively manage your email from the convenience of your phone, wherever you are.

Multiple navigation

XPERIA™ X1 lets you interact via numerous intuitive ways. Touch, full QWERTY, 4-way key and optical joystick – you switch seamlessly between operation modes.


How often have you had to get to the net and the phone prove to be slow in connectivity? Well according to Sony Ericsson the Xperia X1 offers quick and easy access to broadband Internet this allow you to have video calls, audio and video streaming, internet surfing, multimedia messaging and email on the go.

Push email

With the recent buzz on blackberry in the East African region, the device comes with instant email on the mobile phone. Messages are sent directly to the phone as soon as they arrive.

Handwriting Recognition

The phone also comes with a text input using stylus on touch screen: one only has to write a character as they would with a pen and it transforms it into the corresponding letter on a keyboard. This comes in the handwriting recognition feature. And for all you who have to be on the net constantly the Xperia X1 comes with Wi-Fi alternative that hooks you up at any hotspot.Sony Ericsson is slated to have the phone out in the first quarter of this year.

Price tag about…$900 or for Kenyans just put aside about Kshs 70,000. 


Most probably when you enter an electronics shop looking for a bargain on a pc or laptop, chances are that you will definitely get a machine that runs on Microsoft windows operating system. Such is the enormous presence of the Seattle company that it enviably controls slightly over 90% of the pc software operating systems in this blue planet.

Word on the streets of New York is that Microsoft has made a $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo. Why? Well Microsoft say that while the internet continues to grow, the leader ‘Google’ continues to consolidate its position.

If this goes ahead then this is what you should expect. Since Microsoft software and other collaborative applications are not on open source, getting into the net will increasingly be controlled by the Seattle company.

Business wise the deal is good for both Yahoo and Microsoft since the two have been criticized for lack of innovation as compared to google. Ultimately taste in the pudding will be the increased number of people that visit their networks or sites.


The English dictionary says any of a variety of confections made with sugar, syrup, etc., often combined with chocolate, fruit, nuts, etc is known as candy. So a candy bar should be a long evenly piece of sweetness. Probably that’s why when mobile phone companies shape their gadgets like candy bars, they seem to sell countless of this devices.

Walking on the streets of Nairobi, Kampala or Dar, people display their handsets with gusto, pride and you know that look pick up line ‘can I have your digits’ which some ladies might actual give you digits right across you face.

Well this gadget that has made us pick up peculiar social behaviours has got very interesting pretenders contending for the sweetest candy bar. Pundits have thrown reviews here and there on their like top candy so here is mine and I will be brief.

My first choice confectionery delight is the Nokia 1110. This phone is an entry level mobile phone which is great for people budgeting. Its simplicity and good battery life make is ideal for new entrants in to the mobile world and also for the older folks who may just need few features to communicate with other people.

To many people this is not an entry phone but rather a low end phone.

My second choice is Samsung SGH-E590. First it does not look like a Samsung which is rather exciting. It is also simple to use has features galore. Its 3mp is just great to use and yes you can auto focus. The phone has a solid casing and the button a real to use.
For my third I must say we have a tie between the Nokia 6300, Sony Ericsson W880i and the Sony Ericsson K810i. All are remarkably thin with sexy slim designs. Their slick-looking user interface makes the easy and a delight to use.
Where as the W880i has 3G connectivity the decent Nokia 6300 lack this.

Final word about his three devices is that they have all round features, are slim and I repeat sexy.

But the master of simplicity and overall performance is the Nokia 1100 series. Walk the streets of East Africa you will definitely find out that for every third person you meet this is the phone.


The sun rises from the east and probably that is where I should look at to see if 2008 will be a hit or miss in terms of new and exciting devices. Why the east? Asia markets are among the most critical when it comes to assessing if any gadget will be palatable to other markets of the world.At the end of 2007 Sony Ericsson and Nokia had the top five exciting and popular devices. 

The Sony Ericsson W910i  with its slim design; built-in motion sensor; large 2.4-inch LCD; HSDPA connectivity was on top. However the phone had its misses which included a rather small walkman button, poor location of connector port, a poor performing camera and no onboard 3.5mm audio jack especial since music is this device strongest selling point. It’s a good buy if you looking for a music device.

Nokia 6120 comes in at position two. It runs on the series 60 platform; it has HSDPA; Bluetooth stereo; mini-USB port; 2.5mm audio jack. For the finish company what does not work with on this phone is the fingerprint database, lack of auto focus for the 2MP camera which predictably gives un-impressive images.For its price you get 3G/HSPDA and good features. It’s a good buy.

 Another Nokia takes up the third slot. Nokia 6500 slide comes with quadband GSM with dual-band UMTS; A2DP. As a slide phone its remarkable solid and is among the best sliders. The Carl Zeiss 3.2 MP auto focus camera is good however someone in Helsinki forgot that when you close the slider the keylock must work. You end up calling people running up your airtime. Also if the same guy is reading this the camera has a problem on video mode. It can not auto focus. Verdict it’s a good basic camera-phone based on the S40 platform.  Forth is the Nokia E51……. Mmmm what can I say about this phone. Nokia should give a pay rise to the designers of this phone. Whoever that said that simple is good was right. While it may not have all the poise like other devices, this phone does not disappoint in all aspects especially its abundance range of connectivity features, excellent performance. The 130mb onboard memory provides for fast performance.What they should improve on is providing a decent camera, as an enterprise device a front camera for video calls is needed. The preinstalled quickoffice is read-only version. If your office is on the road this is a good phone. 

That thing in my pocket has to be on any pundits review. Now that Nokia has come up with the N95 8GB black. Battery capacity is larger, faster performance due to the 128mb RAM. It’s better than the predecessor making it one of the best smart phones on the market. However even with a built in 8GB memory there is no expansion card slot and no lens cover on the camera. 

This list is likely to change hoping that new phones come out especially during the world mobile congress in Barcelona. Iphone has worked out the GSM issue and more people in the emerging market may take up this superb device. Motorola has just completed its inventory issues and if the recent unveiling of MotoRokr E8 is anything to go by then 2008 will be a hit. Samsung and LG never disappoint when it comes to innovation, creativity and design.My advice save money a good phone is just weeks away. But for James, I do not think they will make a phone that can cook not yet.