It seems as many commentators have said; Kenyans are always queuing for something. Last Wednesday we lined up for the referendum and it went well, today I started the day by queuing for the bus then when I got to the central business district I had to line up in the banking hall for some banking stuff.

Apart from the monotonous video adverts and the bank’s CSR videos nothing ever jostles ones heart and leaves a bad taste as when someone answers their mobile phones while in the banking hall.

Some of this people will hurriedly whisper on their mouth piece that they will call back. But then there are some people whom I must say at first really ticked me off but over time I just stand in awe and just laugh.

Just sample this

Phone rings and the ring tone are surprising when you see is hurriedly trying to get the phone. The ringtone is a rendition of Abba ‘dancing queen’ and the lady getting the phone is in her mid fifties standing next to her friend same age looking at her and asking in a not so quiet way ‘where did you keep that thing its making a lot of noise people are looking at us’

At this point the friend is obviously louder than the phone and people are just chuckling at the action. Oh if you happen to be in Africa and standing next to a lady past 50 years of age (my mother’s age mates), you will by default become a shelf as she hands you stuff from her bag while she searches for something.

Once the mobile device was found, using her bifocal spectacles she holds the device at arm length and tries to redial the missed call.

Lady ‘halo who is this oh it you………we are still in the queue……no do not give them any more sodas….. I don’t know but its moving…. ‘At this point the bank manager starts walking towards her. She is talking to everyone in hall now.

Lady ‘no there are only two on the counter… of them is Martha’s grand daughter……I cannot cut the line even if she is my niece’. At that moment the manager decides to serve them personal. As they walk away the friend just says ‘I told you that thing was making way too much noise…but I like the song how can I have it on my mine?’

Now sample the finest of all

Man is standing just behind 4 people before he is served phone rings… and he is not subtle and lets everyone hear his conversation

Man ‘Listen that man you brought to me was a thief…..instead of fixing my car her ransacked my car and stole my spare wheel……now tell him am connected and I will hunt him down and lock him and his family….I do not like thieves.

The man moves forward and stops using the phone at the counter but doesn’t stop being loud.

Man ‘I said I want 10 thousand…ati my cheque bounced….’ at this point the cashier is forced to be louder at him. ‘You have to see the manager this is your third bouncing cheque this month. And in a quiet voice close to a whisper the man seems to ask ‘why does the manager want to see me?’

Now to a device that I have been using, the Nokia 5330 TV special. It’s not a phone for the geeks or phone craze people but what it has is the DVB-H TV receiver at a very affordable price. Now 15,000 bob or $188 at any shop in Nairobi or other Kenyan towns. While it has no WLAN, HSDPA, GPS, no preinstalled document viewer, no smart calling, poor video recording; for its price the benefit from its use is worthwhile.

For me watching the 2010 world cup on this device was pure gold and I have no qualms with it on this front.

It appears that the Nokia guys are testing it and will before long launch hopefully a better version that will certainly not hang while surfing the net. That was one of my biggest problem with this device and I hope that is improved.

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