Yesterday I got some funny information that, ok  went like this ‘my wife’s sister’s best friend, whose father in-law drinking buddy who has a cousin living with a room mate who works for the milk company that delivers milk to the white house says he heard from the cleaner…..’

Yap by this time I was lost and trying to find my way out or go some where that made sense.

As it turns out many companies have come realize that information is not power but constructive information is power. How you use and relay that information is the key.

With all the hype about mobile money transfer in the news now the icing can only come when all likely things that can be serviced by this mode of payment is exhausted. Because mobile money transfer is essentially the management of DATA period. OboPay with YUcash is going to allow for internet payments, that’s what Essar says and with the passing of the Kenya Communication Bill last year, this will make for an easier time for anyone stay and leaving in Kenya in respect to E-Commerce.

So as bank begin to eat humble pie and beg us to open bank accounts with them ‘I told you’, they have realized that what is important to most of us is how much battery charge my phone has, since if I make a minimum of 4 transactions a day with Safaricom MPESA and you do this 7 days in a week and in during a whole month that translates to a minimum of 2800 bob as service fees even more than premium bank monthly fee.

Multiply this by just half of the current subscriber base of MPESA and the figure is nothing less than 9 billion shilling in a month and bank managers are now seeing the sense of ‘CROWD SOURCING’

I should expect more products or services coming under the mobile money transfer platforms. People in this region shrug at the idea of credit cards and only carry their ATM cards only during pay day after withdrawal the card is kept right inside the underwear drawer.

Therefore more financial companies will make their way into this very lucrative business. Nokia is doing so expect other players to come in.

Finally to the story of the season, nexus one. I like the initiative and the device. As expected it has to have bugs since it’s the first from Google. They are used to search engines and devices are for HTC, Motorola and the rest of that folks. But their vision is bright and since they want to connect things linked in a series then nexus one is the first step.

Back to my first story, ‘the cleaner who was having breakfast with the…you get the picture, you can either tell them that Obama likes chapatti or start the story from the guy who was asking for directions in down town Nairobi and he happened to know the person who sat with the person that was first told about Obama’s visit by the person who served the driver that drove the body guard to ………….

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