My friend has it, my neighbour has two; one for emergencies while former boss use to hum to it as he walked. But my sister has been incessant about it and asking for it as her birthday gift or Easter and if you forget Christmas. She is in that age that girls still seem to want to stay all their lives.

But then one day she got very pissed of at the world. Why you may ask me. Well it is all because, my Great Aunt Monica called for me to help her out with a small gadget. Sitting right opposite her during a recent family reunion, I walked over to where she was and she slowly removed from her very antic looking hand bag a state of the art Ipod.

I am not an ipod fan but the device was massive in terms of memory and storage capacity. Aunt Monica had forgotten to charge the ipod and needed my skill in plugging the ipod charger. My great aunt with an ipod didn’t excite my sister but it did make me curious to find out what she could be listening to.

Well there was a collection of Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Mugithii music and a whole audio version of the bible. Hmmm I wonder where she got the audio bible. Well it seems that a clever boy happened to talk to the area parish priest and sold the idea to him.

Now since the old folks at home like the scriptures how about making MP3 versions of the scriptures and selling them at a nominal fee from the church. Why the old folks loved his versions is because they had that home accent that they seem to understand.

So every three weeks or so the boy trots all the way into the country side and sells his versions of the scriptures to willing buyers.

Now someone once asked me how are Kenyans going to localize content especial on the internet? Well here is one such case and don’t get me wrong by suggesting that an accent change is all that is needed to localize content, but rather its all about making certain products appeal to the consumer without interfering with the original form.

For instance it would be really hard and near impossible to find a Mitsubishi Pajero in a Spanish speaking country why? Pajero is not a nice word. Anyway since you are on the net why not find out. Before I digress further all you need is a bit of intuitive action and create something out of necessity or if you can make it necessary.

On that note seems many people men especially invert the names of their girlfriends that appear on the contact folder of their mobile phones. So when one day Mike sent an SMS message to my friend Allan, the wife asked ‘is there something I should know my dear?’

Allan looked at his wife and said ‘what do you mean?’ Wife by now was in fighting mood ‘don’t play dumb with me Mike has been sending you love messages and you been acting funny especially in bed’ ahhhh


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