I was to wait and see what our good mobile phone companies would do to make our lives all jolly during this time of give give give and spend.

Well nothing really surprising from any. I like quiet and not the yad yad yad that is synonymous with us Kenyans. We like talking and getting money for free especially during this time. So when someone tells me that you can win lots of money for just talking, no brother or sister of mine would resist such an offer.  However no one seems to like my suggestion so heres is what the networks are offering you, nothing exciting  all  drub  and  yawn.

The big Cahuna for now a Mr. Safaricom is slashing its prices on the gadgets like a Nokia N97 going for 45k fancy that anyone?

zain what can you say about them ?????   well am still waiting for a reply on my request for rewards points. Its now two weeks and nothing to cheer about.

Orange ——————————- yap. The 0ne bob thing is over. get used to that.

so maybe I should AMUA and live with calling people for 6 bob across networks for now. It works for me and even their charges for surfing is quite cool and cheap. May be Essar should become  EASY.  mmmm YU powered by Easy mmmmm

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