I know a few guys who are particularly happy with Kenya Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta. One of them is my good friend Dorothy Ooko of Nokia.While many people in the industry wanted a tax reduction on airtime, the minister decided to use the question ‘which came first the egg or the chicken?’
Well as you try to figure that out, lets ponder over this; yes most of us in the region spend lots of time on our devices talking or texting. Few use the many array of services that data entails.
Many of us agree that life without a mobile device is like living in an island. If that’s the case we have to come up with other and better uses of these devices. And probably the best way to enthuse the public is to make the gadgets a little bit cheaper.
With more people able to afford cheaper and better phones, the new data services that are being offered by the different networks will begin experiencing an upsurge of usage.
What this will do eventually is to spur other sectors that rely on data.
With the acknowledgement that Kenyans are finding it hard to get to a bank than a mobile device, Uhuru decision is likely to incite the financial companies to create service for the many un-banked. But first you gotcha give the people the tools first before you roll out services.
As for me, I can now reach my N97 goal faster than you can say N.
Oh Dorothy I told you I saw it back then


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  2. Killzone 2 – the best PS3 game yet?Still LittleBigPlanet for me, but Sony’s new shooter is mightily impressive.
    What you think about my web?

  3. Henry,
    The maths makes a lot of sense. Make mobile phones affordable and increase penetration which in turn increases GDP and you have a winning formula that the Finance Minister saw way before others. Let’s review this in a year’s time when CCK gives us the penetration rates.
    Btw, the N97 is now oh so affordable…

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