One thing I love about London is its centrality. Where as the weather sucks (no wonder all Brits have puckered brows), London has the enviable stature of having many first.

If you launch it in London then people will take it seriously. Well guys in Helsinki have been keeping most gadget guys and enthusiasts waiting for the Nokia N97.
Well the wait could be over for most of you. The exact date is not on my fingertips, but from the Pre-sales figures then Nokia guys have a sure product on its shelf ready for a very critical consumer.

While its profits may have shot down for most companies and job cuts everywhere, according to economists we may just be in the final throws of the world economic crisis with recovery on the horizon.

So probably to find out if there is an appetite for its products, the N97 Pre-sale orders have shown this consumer confidence and having this pre-sale thingy in London has may be shown this to the Nokia Execs.

To Tom, Dick and Harry in London or the UK; all I can say is that you are lucky.

It looks that the N97 will be in Nairobi at the earliest in mid to late July, why do I say so; the first shipment of the device will grace American shops in July and Brazilian hands in the same month. I could be wrong, I hope am wrong.
Well I can wait another month.

Thinking about it how come none of them marketing guys in Nairobi with the many consumers products not think of have pre-sale order programmes.
Being among the first dudes with the N97 in town ain’t such bad thing considering that they deliver the box to your door. Oh thats in London.

Damage expect to spend not less than 55k