I hate Mondays; in fact I have come to loath every thing associated with this day. It’s the day that the football review is done and for a while now I hated my coach. Its also the day that I have find a way to repay that loaner from dude friend when an old flame spotted me while I was crossing Kimathi street to my watering hole.
My budget was set, one beer for me and me and me and may be mmmm me again there was no her so I called dude.
Anyway on this Monday I had no debts to pay (very surprising) but I had this breakfast launch thing on my favourite subject gadgets.

The New Stanley hotel on the intersection of Kenyatta Avenue and Kimathi Street was the venue and it was short hop to the place. The breakfast was good period.
What was better was the product launch. A new service for the East African people that will help them keep tabs and definitely track their mobile devices such as laptops and mobile phones.
Known as Ujaja – (which means being clever), the service uses a software which (they do not want to say yet) uses the GSM network and the triangulation features to easily track a lost device.

This is how its works according to the providers; when you phone is stole the guy will remove your SIM card. When he sells your stolen phone, the new user will insert his new SIM card. This activates the a signal that sends a text message to your two preferred numbers (when buying the software, you will have to give the service providers two numbers that will be informed when your phone is stolen)

The text message will rely the new numbers and other SIM card details, later its hoped that when the provider teams up with the mobile networks you shall be able to actually position the phone to about 3 metres.

Where as the mobile phone uses the GSM network, the laptop tracking service deploys the use of URL or IP addresses. When the laptop goes missing, the guy will likely go to the net. As a result a new private address will be sent to Ujaja network telling them of the place and likely position of the laptop.

The funny thing is that East African Data Handlers Ltd are in the business of data recovery and the tracking of devices may have come out as an accident as did to Professor Utonium with the Power Puff girls.

Anyway the service is already in 50 others countries and Kenya and the region will definitely add to this number. For more information visit http://www.ujanja.co.ke

The mobile solution retails at 2k or about $27 yearly while the laptop solution retails at 7.5k or just under $100.

Me like it and say Mr. Njoroge you made my Monday much better.


21 Responses

  1. […] Original post by Niajeleo’s Weblog […]

  2. Kenya needs innovative brains liken U guys. Kudos

  3. This are the guys who should be runing this country ‘s ministry of planning. Its great! we need solution providers like you. I want to be part of this great revolution!

    keep it up Ujaja!


  4. is it possible to track for me a laptop which i lost a year ago but i do still posses the serial No.

  5. i stay in Thika and could like my phone to be connected to the ujaja. how do i get you guys.

  6. This country needs guys like u to achieve our vision.(VISION2030).I wish I could join the team of this great revolution.Please reply via mail.

    Well done guys!!


  7. i want too know what are the requirement of one getting this service.
    My friend lost a her laptop yesterday and she is not registered with you,is there anyway she can be assisted to track it.Thank you.

  8. Came to learn about your wise creativity this week. Lost my two phones latest HTC and an iphone. Got all the infor about the phones can you be able to tract them? Thanks

  9. I lost a treasured mobile phone a nokia 2600 ‘classic’ the serial no.351946033306910. could you guys help me trace it?

  10. can u guys track anything else other than laptop or a phone please direct

  11. thanks 4 ujanja. how can i be a dealer?

  12. can you guys be able to track a stolen a stolen t.v or decoder
    with your system?

  13. I have jst bought a laptop and i would like 2 secure it before i go with it 2 schl.

  14. i would lov 2 weka ma phone ujaja phone trackin advice me on how 2 do it?

  15. Pleas send me the catalogue of your charges we have clients who would want to put tracking device

  16. Please send me the charges for both Laptop and cell phone. And let me know how to get in touch.

  17. Hi !!!
    I was kindly asking if is it possible to track mobile number and the location of someone who is threating me, with your wounderfull sostware???????


  18. Is Ujaja tracking of laptops some kind of insurance?.
    If not then i may not recover the laptop if it’s never connected to the net
    I’d appreciate it if you answer me for i have a Macbook Pro
    laptop that i’d like covered.


  19. please i would love to have my pd camera fitted wwith ur gadget how can i get u

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