This was a good weekend I must say. First it had four days away from the office (you can sense my displeasure of the place).

 I have to be there to earn my two dollar a day pay. (That is what we say when your pay is bad). Anyway on Good Friday I decided to spend the evening with my good old friend Tim. Have known him for over two decades now and he is a chatter box. So imagine his father.

Well Tim’s dad called when we were deep in conversation over a pint. And Tim oh good Tim decided to put his phone on speaker mode.

And this is part of the conversation.

Dad – Hallo, hallo Tim hallo… whats wrong with this boy.

Tim – Hi Dad am hear Sema (what’s up in Kiswahili)

Dad – What did I tell you about picking your phone?

Tim – ah ….

 Dad – ah what …any way where are you?

Tim – I am in town with my friends

Dad – town which town?

Tim – Nairobi

Dad- oh ok… am in Kitale (about 300kms from Nairobi) am with my boys…Remember Mr Onyango your class three teacher he is hear. He got a big bonus from his sugar and he is buying…ha ha ha …Onyango say hallo to my boy Tim he is in Nairobi

There is some commotion as the phone falls down….

Dad – Oh son he is indisposed hahaha….. Anyway your mother said I call you

Tim – what about?

Dad – I don’t know she said I just called you so I called… so you are ok …ok Happy Easter….

That was Tim’s father he called and Tim got his mother’s greetings.

Well if you think that was a funny one; spare a thought for the Austrian mother who was sued by his son for calling him. According to the story the old lady had been (according to the son) constantly calling him to know how he was doing.

Check the story out in the odd news section of Yahoo news.

But that is not all apparently there is a petition in New Delhi India doing the rounds. The petitioners basically want the Indian government to come up with a law that prohibits bad use of the mobile phone.

Bad use includes, talking loudly on you device, picking the phone in funerals and at religious events. The law will also check on ‘offensive’ ring tones.

Well guys there is a feature called vibrate only or silent mode. You could use it in such situations. And as for the Austrian octogenarian POLE.

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