Its Easter season and the cities of East Africa are experiencing the usual exodus. It’s a pilgrimage that many folks in the region tend to. The roads are filled by scores of people who are traveling up country or their rural homes for some time out from the fast pace of the city life.

For those who the city is their home, a holiday at the coast or our many national parks is the ideal plan.

Various companies in the region get to the same routine and offers are galore. You see to many guys that I know; this is the time to take stock on whether there are on course or off.

As for the many service companies a sale or nice package can make for a good book keeping entry.

If you wake up (that is if you are sleeping beauty) in Nairobi a week or two just before Easter this is what you should expect.

  1. The ending of the hotels and holidays expo usually at the Sarit Centre. If you are thinking of a holiday get away and you do not want to make that call to the travel agent, this is a good place to visit. Most players are here hawking their products.
  2. If you are thinking of buying a house or getting that ‘good’ mortgage than the last week before Easter is when they come out of their glass and marble building to sell you that house no one has seen before or that new paint that well works well for you…
  3. And then there is the Kenya Safari Rally where the machines meet the toughest roads in the world – that’s what they say… am yet to learn how to drive a car; do not ask but I car move a vehicle. Most Kenyans can move their cars period.
  4. And finally like a well oiled machine or an orchestra, the mobile companies all launch competitions for their customers. The word that is never omitted from their press statements is LOYALTY


So Safaricom and Zain did launch their loyalty programmes to reward the consumers that use a lot of their products (it’s been 8 years am yet to win something).


Safaricom is spending close to a million dollars on its programme. And it looks like guy are frantically trying to get some of it. Its simple send an SMS with the word LIPUA and you get a chance to win a million Kenyan shillings daily. A couple of guys have won some Dow. I saw their picture holding their cheques and it’s was good for them (I hate them when will it be me). It runs for sixty days and their should be some 60 millionaires as they say. MJ am you friend toss a brother a bone I need the money.


Zain on the other hand have something called REWARDZ where its customers will have to accumulate points for every 10 shillings they spend in its many services. You could be the bronze dude or the silver girl but the ultimate level is the gold. Zain is spending 95 million shillings on it so you count the odds. Am still on bronze getting to silver very soon so Rene I could be your friend if you want.


Well its rewardz and lipua time and maybe I could get a break since I still call my ex at 3 in the morning telling her that she is still the one. Add our peculiar calling habit. I think I have a shot.



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