I remember some years ago while I was in primary school, the Daily Nation newspaper (I do not remember which year) had a story about how Kenya became the first country in Africa to put a person on the moon.

I was very elated and the emotions were overwhelming. Little did I know that the story was an April Fools news story.

Well I heard the same feelings this year and I had to make sure that it was no April fools day prank.

I decided to dial *131# and see what the think tanks of Safaricom had come up with. And it was no April fools day gimmick I received kshs 50 airtime on credit which I had in 72 hours as per the service. Also if you do not pay with the said time you can not use the service for a month.

The service known as OKOA JAHAZI (which means Save The Situation)uses the premise that you are stuck somewhere that has know shop that sells scratch cards, and since it’s an emergency (like the other day my cubicle had ran out of toilet paper…I had to wait for a while and dash into next cubicle) so if I had the service I would just dial *131# and get air time and send a toilet paper SOS.

Mmmm I like the service and apart from making air time available at anytime anywhere, the service is also a genius plot by them crafty guys of Safaricom.

When you have over 9 million customers, as Michael Joseph has; I would like to see least over 75% of these customers to constantly use all or part of the Safaricom array of services.

Therefore what the company is doing is to increase the ARPU by encouraging the customers to constantly have airtime which has to be used within three days.

With our peculiar calling habits the 50 bob will last 3 minutes since you can not have had 50 bob airtime and called half of your relatives. S

o what do you do, place the carrot in front and the guy will chase it. Soon people will be asking why such a small denomination and MJ will be saying bingo!

To the 15 million mobile users in Kenya and EA region, expect more innovative and exciting products from all the Mobile networks in the country.

To Safaricom Kudos and wait ….. I have to OKOA my thirst. I wonder if our breweries could come up with some product that you could get one a pay later. Just a thought


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