The cliché has been that women hate gadgets and the fear for many ICT companies was how they would excite our lady folk. Well as it is now, it’s the lady folk that is exciting the tech firms.


Am from Mars and am yet to understand and know my mother. She is a sweet lady but some days I do not know. Why am I going on about this …well consider this.


Ladies type text messages faster than men. To test these ask the lady colleague next to you to type the same message and time this. Ladies are always two words ahead. Also men think in CAP letters when using mobile phones.


Another interesting thing is that ladies have evolved new ways of using letters while guys stick to the straight and sure thing. Example while a man will type this text: ‘Where are you?’ ladies use letters: w r u.


Now if the un-secure boyfriend picks the phone and reads the message the girl can always say a different thing. ‘Oh it’s Mary she reminding me about grandma’s White Regular Underwear. That’s why guys can not cheat that well like ladies.


Before I digress any further the fact is that with many ladies having small fingers it’s easier for them to type on a mobile phone key pad than a dude. All the mobile phone makers need to do is to make their devices lighter. Mum and my aunties hate carrying heavy things.

And Oh yes about the colours, they must be pretty period. I have seen the reactions of some elderly ladies (over 50 years) turning into sixteen years old when deciding on a colour for over ten minutes. Apparently they were buying a phone for their college going granddaughter. I left them with a shade of pink and another kind of pink. They all seem the same to me.


An interesting thing about women is that if the happen to meet for the first time; they can easily strike up a conversation. Men need an intervention and beer seems to work very well. Now men dive into social sites not to chat but to get dates and hopeful hook ups. Women want to share their feelings and thoughts.


I heard this conversation in the office the other day:


Dude 1 – Hey are you on face book?

Dude 2 – yeah

Dude 1 – so what kind of friends do you have?

Dude 2 – all kinds why

Dude 1 – do you have girls?

Dude 2 – yap

Dude 1 – Invite me and we can intro me to them


An as it goes Dude 2 got invited and tried all the face book tricks. Am yet to inquire of any development.


My lady folks have made social sites the in thing. Recently while replying to a thread on face book. I was kept informed on the ‘wall chatting’ on a soap opera that runs on a local TV station. After 15 minutes I learnt all the characters and their motives.

Apart from such many ladies on chat rooms say a lot about what is happening to theirs lives and what’s mores exchange photos and photos of weddings, bridal showers, baby did this and that.


To the guys let it be. If there is one thing ladies enjoy is talking and social sites and the mobile phones are making it easier for them. Once they start they do not stop.

As for the men you can now keep the remote and watch soccer all day.



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