It’s Friday and the clock has just hit 3pm East Africa standard time. The behaviour of East Africans is the same all over the region. After a lethargic slow afternoon, a flurry of activities seem to take place at this time. Guys get to chat rooms, texting goes to overdrive and making a mobile call especially in Nairobi CBD becomes a tedious affair due to congestion.


One thing you must now admit is that the mobile phone and now any communication device was meant for the African. We have come to embrace it turn it around and even found new ways of how to use it.

Now a fibre optic cable has touched based.


So when the SEACOM fibre optic cable landed in Kenya, it was met by the same reactions as the mobile phone did. Remember back then, there was this cautious curiosity that came with the gadget. In fact the talk then was that; the devices use or emit a lot of ‘radiation’ and it can affect your manhood.

The suggestion then was that once you buy the device and you happen to be in the pub for a while, place the phone on the table, the effects will be minimised apart from the flossing.


So will the fibre optic cable experience curious caution? Are we ready for the possibility?

The permanent secretary of information Dr. Bitange Ndemo who I like and admire has been singing the same tune. We as a country and region can to be a people that just consume content from outside,we need produce our own content.- I FULLY AGREE


At the moment I have been encouraged by the number of innovative ways that young guys in the region are using the mobile phone technology. They have reinforced the idea that with these devices are their offices and services is just a phone call away. So imagine with the costs of communication drastically falling by as much as 60%  due to the fibre optic cable, what can’t you do?


The number of people learning dream weaver and other website design stuff has shot up considerable, now more companies have websites although they still are brochures on the net. Few companies or government agencies are making their site interactive which is a shame at this time of the day.


What I found even funny was that only 15 journalists in NATION MEDIA GROUP LTD know what blogging is all about. The company has over 200 journalists. Therefore if one of the simplest ways to produce content is by blogging and few understand how are we going to get our content into the World Wide Web?


To me it’s quite simple, provide or have most or all government services through the internet. And this is where we need Dr. Ndemo’s stewardship.

To turn all the government brochures on the net into interactive portals and as it happens everywhere else in the world the rest of the people take up the idea and turn it up side down and opportunities are created.


Its good that government has come up with E-Government, E-health and soon E-Dairy will be launched soon making our dairy farmers become among the most ICT savvy people in their industry around Africa.


Content is there and the ideas are there. What the vibe is and has always been is that  ‘kama gava imesema ni sawa basi ni sawa – if government says its ok then it must be fine’.

Well GAVA has said it ok thats why they have invested over a billion shillings on it. So guys lets get connected.


As for the folks in the region Fridays 3pm will always be Friday 3pm. This is the time to make contact and find out where you will be at and at what time, how long does not matter since as long as you and them are there its ok.

And by the way, the guys who are talking or communicating to each other are on the next floor and sit on the same table.

Makes you wonder what we will do since our peculiar calling habits are a site to behold leave alone understand.

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