Americans have been an angry lot. After a sterling show of their audacity of hope a black man now sits in the white house. Their hope of the American dream has of late been tested immensely with the current economic crisis. But as they try to fix these mess bonuses given to the AIG executives has elicited anger that is understandable.


How can an institution make losses then seek bailout from the people’s taxes pay people who really do not need that money in the first place a tidy sum of Dow? Well am also scratching for answers since this is a typical case of what happened in the ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell.


In Kenya March and April are seen by most employed people as the end of the long broke month of January. To me especially I was eagerly waiting for that bonus pay since the ‘Blue Chip’ I work for had improved on its performance. We made a profit better than the previous year but LO no bonus (off course the executives will get their nice cushioned bonuses).

Revenues are up but it seems they were magically created. So my Easter shopping seems to be going hay wire.


But if the bonus was there this is what was in my shopping list.


  1. Acer is selling a nice laptop for just 19k. It has very good specs with an improved battery. The laptop comes with open office and you can always upgrade it to with windows XP.
  2. Motorola Z3 is an excellent device that is sleek and interestingly has fast connection with GPRS/WAP/JAVA. The slide facility hides an efficient and durable device. Expect a memory slot and voice dialling facility. It’s just under 7k.
  3. Zain or Safaricom modems. Safaricom has slashed its modem prices and one can get one for just under 5k. As for Zain they have just launched a service that gives you a modem after a deposit of 10k with a monthly fee of shs 3,999 which translates to paying shs 133 per day (all day) to be on the net. All you have to do is make sure that your battery is fully charged. Both modems come in a nice flash disk.
  4. Any device from the Mi-Phone guys. Last time they had the Obama Mi-Phone all 5000 devices in the market were sold out. Guys who use this phone say they are durable, easy to use and battery does not disappoint. Did I mention they have an inbuilt FM radio? Well you can get one for just 3k
  5. But what I am saving for is the Nokia N97 period. The grape vine says the wait is nearly over.


Just as an after thought I still have to pass through Bata Shoes they have new stocks and my a 30% off on its month long sale. You can not buy a device and forget about you poor feet. Walking around looking for deals needs a good reward.

To the surfers out there a special thanks to; I found the posts especially insightful, hilarious and to the folk whose day was messed up by one phone call, I share your pain.


We made a huge profit I need my bonus!    

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  1. Easter is the day of resurrection with all its spiritual aspect that reminds you of the grace of Jesus Christ and tells you about the way He renews and reaffirms the faith of His followers. Moreover, this festival celebrates the freshness of the spring season and gives honor to the revered goddess, Eostre, whose name has sheer resemblance with the Easter festival.

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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