I recently drove past the Pumwani Maternity Hospital in the eastern part of Nairobi. I smiled and my colleague in the car asked what was funny. I retorted by saying that this was where I came to this world. So where is the joke he must have asked? Well I just came to find out the other day that I had the same expression of shock like fourteen other folks scattered all over Kenya.

Apparently we all had same midwife during our births…so…. Well according to doctor a baby just needs seven seconds to imprint the anything it sees. And it appears that the midwife gave us the same look when we all opened our eyes for the first time.

Well what has that got to do with things gadgety? When you decide to by a communication device be it a laptop, mobile phone or other ICT device, the gadget always comes with a manual in several languages now even Kiswahili. The instructions are usually very easy to follow.

One set of instructions could be on an easy to follow pamphlet with the nitty gritty on the thick book. Majority of the comments and my friends questions have been on the performance of their batteries.

To most guys they say and I quote ‘this Nokia guys are full of crap how can they make a cool phone with a lousy battery’ or the other was ‘Henry I just made one phone call on my new Samsung and the bat is kaput should I return it I still have the receipt’ my answer is always question that start like this ‘so how long did you charge the battery before you used the phone?’ and a barrage of reasons are usually followed and the out come the same.

A new device on hand but a lousy experience due to the poor performance of the battery. Now it’s better to read the manual fast before using any device, I have learnt my lesson also.

You see the manufacturers forgot to tell you something about their battery; which is that, almost all batteries used in gadgets and other devices have a memory sensor. And the work of this sensor is first to know when the battery is fully charged.

Now since mobile manufacturers, computer makers and the like tested their products, its was found out that battery A needs 6 hours while B needs 12 hours of charging before using it. After the said time is used in charging the memory sensor knows that for a full charged and better performance, 6 hours is needed. I have tested this with the Nokia N96 and the results were very good.

After charging the battery for the required 6 hours, I took the phone for a road trip and after four days in Mombasa and with the constant use of the device I just had to recharge it once again, this on the last day. So unlike the baby who imprints something after seven seconds of life, the battery on the other hand will require assistance to get to their best performance level.

As a foot note I have decided to form a club of people who get shocked like me and if you have guessed it the midwife will be the patron.

The only problem is locating her. I wonder how I will ask her to be the patron….any manual on this out there.

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