The Tana River begins from the foot of Mt. Kenya and weaves its way down on the eastern part of Kenya all the way to the coast near Malindi. At one of its crossing is the gate way to the town of Garissa. It has been called the capital city of the Somali people and in deed the vibrancy of the town is evident immediately you cross the river.


It takes you about four and a half hours to get to Garissa from Nairobi. The road there is rather good but the scenery becomes very boring after one hour. You get to see the same kind of tree over and over again. From a distance everyone as the popular song says ‘looks the same’ well the Camels look more the same on close up. As such you have to get something to read or do. And testing the various apps and battery duration of the nokia N96 became a good choice.


One thing I have to commend the mobile networks is that I was constantly in the networks throughout the journey. I did not experience a drop on frequency or even static noise.


So I decided to be online and chat with some folks. One thing about the N96 is the way it automatically to your set access point. This is even when you change sim cards. Unlike other devices the N96 is able to identify with the sim card and does a connection to the net. Simple things that make the phone easy. Well after chatting for some two hours my guys went mute. Apparently its quite cheap to be online with Zain. I ended up using only 27 bob on chatting and simple surfing about 9 bob over the 2 hour I was online.


The N-Gage games is must experience for any user of this devices. The thing it does is to connect you with a community of gamers on the net where you get options to download a free trial, share your online status, and play games with any people around the world.


You could always purchase the game you mostly like and come up with various players from anywhere. Being a dude Asphalt 4 was my choice and I did play till my battery started show the low battery sign. So after about three hours of being on line and playing games the battery conked out. The device aesthetics has really improved but due to its fast processor and the application the Finish phone maker forgot about the power source. The phone is great to handle and all but when you loose power very fast it becomes a let down.

However all is not lost because them guys in MIT have developed a new way to manufacture batteries that can be recharged in seconds.


Well when someone takes such long trips you need to archive memories. The camera was not a let down and its automatic features make it to change the picture quality in this harshest of places.


The heat of this area did not seem to affect the performance the device and I must say. The average temps of 90 degrees Fahrenheit so imagine. As for the other features you need to buy to experience. My verdict it’s a good buy if you are a multimedia fellow


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