It’s always interesting to hear about what people think about zee Germans. They may be a ‘little’ bit dull but what you must agree with me is that their engineering compensates for their dreary demeanor. Take the Mercedes Benz, not only does it project power, it’s under currents extenuates sensuality with a tint of torque. So boys imagine what it would do to attract the opposite sex. Mmmm  


Exactly and that’s the same response I got from the Nokia N96. Apart from the Sirocco the giant Finnish mobile maker has for a while been handy and sturdy devices that had a male feel to them. But with the Asians coming up with cool looking gadgets, it has been a surprising time for me as I get a barrage of inviting comments on the Nokia N96.


Compared to its predecessor the N95, the N96 lives up to how the Finnish people appear to most people boring. However do not let appears cloud you judgment. The clicky twiky plastic noises that were associated with the N95 are not there. The key pad does not have the grooves that are in the N95, its flat and smooth on the N96 almost feels like touch screen.


The screen is bigger and quality is brilliant. If you are a movie buff the installed Transformers Movie is a good test for you. For a 2.8 inch screen the birate/video quality is good and disappointment is minimal if any.

However you may not be able to make a call if you do finish the film.


Apart from improving the memory and adding a DVB-H tuner the device also has other cool features like a 5 mega pixel camera with geo tagging functionality (Via GPS). When enabled it automatically tags the images with the GPS location coordinates, which you can later use when sorting the pictures on your PC or online photo service.

Nokia N96 also comes with 16 GB of built-in flash memory and microSDHC memory card slot, where you can fit 8 GB memory card for a total of 24GB of storage.

With all this improved features I did get a lot of attention from many ladies and I got wondering? Does the N96 emit any pheromones?

The ladies seem jazzed about the device may be boring is actually sexy




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