If you want to know how good a road is, do not drive a state of the art German machine but rather drive in a ‘Dala Dala’ (a taxi from kisumu where the passenger has to literally hold the door shut). Imagine a vehicle that shakes and vibrates when the wind blows.

If the road is bad you and the door will be thrown out on to the road. Now if the road is good just hope that the car has good breaks. This is the same as trying to find out which network is the best in Kenya.


When Safaricom came up with the Kabambe phone, I was happy that low income folks will be able to get a good device. The phone is indeed good to look at but after a while you end up understanding why they say cheap is expensive.

Before I go off on the bad here is the good, the battery life is good, actually remarkably good. You notice that first bad thing about it when you enter a toilet. The phone loses network once you are in the can.


When you buy a phone one of the tests you should do is using it in the can. Now that there is the background sound reduction feature in several devices. The can used to act as a background sound reduction feature. Unfortunately since kabambe loses network first test is simply poor show.


Now the second test is calling someone in down town Nairobi on Friday, with the kabambe, the device lets you know that you are on limited service which means no one can call you and you can’t call either. Therefore you miss out on particular calls.

For a devices that has been advertised by Safcom and used for give-aways… all I can say is a total let down. I left the phone on a bar counter and still found the damn phone there no one bothered with it.


The good news from Safaricom is that the bonga points promotion is very good I actually got 15 minutes free talk time…who can beat that….. econet says they will be cheaper not more than 3 bob across networks and from my sources they can afford to do this.

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