YU powered by Essar is here and they want you to express yourself in the simplest way possible. That shouldn’t be a hard, Kenyans are beginning to find ways to express themselves.

For Econet getting that much needed clientele should be a walk in the beach on a hot Sunday. ‘it looks like a nice day and place to walk but …no one told me about sand getting into my shoes and jeepers creepers walking in sand is such a taxing thing’.


What is encouraging about the company is its campaign. Simple and definitely fly as the fly-gal says about reminiscence.

For Econet all is need from you is hopeful less of the previous legal drama and more of the message.


Hey orange has hit the a million flamingoes …sorry customers. What I said earlier vindicates me. We are set for a growth of 30% annually over the next 4 to 7 years in the region.

Am pretty confident that the global financial quandary will have an insignificant implication on our continent.


Off course remittance from the Diaspora will reduce but remember a lot of what we consume is generated here. So generally all indication point to a sustained growth since Kenyans and the regions inhabitants now know that if you do not communicate you will not get business. M-Pesa is such a lovely case study no need to bring it up.

Penetration is at 24% and more people more products are coming up for the mobile phone. Any one thinking otherwise…


December is set to be an interesting month as the offers will come in droves and the consumer will be the happier one.


A word of caution to the operators, We tend to talk more over December than any month. Don’t let us down my auntie will call to tell me about her kittens and the meaning of life plussss ….

2 Responses

  1. Exellent post. You got some really good points there. Thanks for sharing.http://www.onepieceofmylife.com

  2. hi yu family thanx for the distribution in terms of the net work now ahead of u remain the other big task to win amarket share with these iwish to recommed yu to all my friends thus afew issues are hindering me from doing the task
    1. distribution channel
    2. credit sale
    3. retail market penetration with these ihave seen so many consumers at will but the question they are asking is who how and where do iget the credit cards what is thew package does the yu family have and am happy to let explain .
    4. aggressive marketers to take the company to the next level other wise . still remain the hunter of many via ur services ,incase of consultation dial 0750419524/email me@jkiamamwenyewe@yahoo.com

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