When apple came up with the Iphone the touch screen ‘thingy’ was the rave. I call it ‘thingy’ since just this morning while buying some airtime at a phone outlet, I over heard an animated conversation between a well mannered sales lady and a very eager teenage boy who was either I think trying to get a date and impress the lady with his gadgetology  or do both.

Holding his current phone he explained to the lady what kind and why his next phone should be.

‘I like a phone that has the touch thingy’ said the boy

‘You mean touch screen facility?’ asked the lady

‘Yeah that so what do you have?’ boy

‘We have the LG Viewty, Samsung F480…….

At this point I let them go on. Any way Nokia has joined the list of touch screen devices.



The Nokia 5800 Xpress comes with high resolution resistive touch screen with stylus input and  tactile feedback.

The device has a 3.2 mega pixel camera with 35 hours of music on a multi format player.


The 5800 is available in three versions: the European HSDPA, North American HSDPA and the GSM only.

The first shipment of the device will be in this quarter. Expect the black, blue and red packed in the boxes.


The phone has all the requirements associated with any device from Helsinki. In-fact this is the forth major overhaul of what has come to be known as the tube in the smart phone platform.


The phone runs on the fifth edition of S60 and will be on 3.5G


I can not say much about it since like you am shopping for one. As for the damage this phone will set you back about 28k


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