There is a meltdown currently taking place in the world financial centres. Whereas, we are yet to experience a direct hit of this unfortunate state of affairs, we seem to be experiencing another kind of meltdown or if you put it in main street lingo a very nice price crush.


The cost of ICT products in Nairobi are at an all time low. You can walk into an electronics shop and get a new PC for just 14k ($195) this is cloned desktop. Besides this on the high tech street of Luthuli Avenue in downtown Nairobi you are likely to get a Nokio N95 that has touch screen (this is not the Nokia N95).


This avenue provides any ICT firm a relatively cheap research station where one can find out the latest trends on who is buying, why they buy and what is asked more.


For example the TV mobile phone from China are becoming a big hit especially for rural folk. Why? Luthuli is just adjacent to one of the busiest bus stops in East Africa.

Invariably any Kamau, Otieno and Kip who land on this street is bombarded with a galore of fancy looking phones from China which is becoming very popular with our folks.


Asking the shop keepers the give the same answer; value addition. And for most their value placement is quite interesting.

Off course the phone must have the basics and mobile money transfer is not an option. But the luxury of watching TV especially sports events and the Obama TV is quite appealing. Their battery life is relatively good for the said task.


With our peculiar calling habits which make most of us call at the same time at 5 pm. Tom Dick and Harry can be seen glaring at their little screens with occasional interruptions of a phone call. Asking the one question that all Kenyans ask.

Where are you?


Well if you are finding it expensive to ask your beloved this question then buy an Orange Kenya line.

The company recently unveiled a 1 bob introductory offer. You can call within the network for a shilling.


And it seems the only problem now is the cost is power. But Kibakiman has come to our aid and phones will be fully charged literally.

November 5th if quite far and Kenyan will follow with their TV phones thanks to the Chinese.


Problem now is whether I should call on 1 shilling or stay off-peak with Saasa Tariff or maybe just Vuka with Zain. As I ponder this let me check if soccer is on Now



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  1. a few years ag the papers were full of adverts for new nokia phones – now there are none (does everyone have a phone now?) the marketing push has now switched to computers, and I hope they will be put to good use and we’ll have some innovations from kids coming out in a few years

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