If this is one thing I like about the Orange network is their media campaign. It was simply one of the best product drives that I have seen for a while and I hope ‘zungu zungu…..’ does not disappoint.


Looking at what they offer then the young customers which is what the Orange guys are yearning for will be in for a treat.


Data products from the company might create that shift of intended users or customers.

If there was one thing that Kenyans should be sure to get over the next two to three months is a price war.


Orange is offering 3.50, 7 bob and 14 bob across network for a call. It should not be surprising for Zain to come up with a rate of about 8 bob to 10 bob a call.  For Zain their rich Gulf owners have money to spend.


As for Safaricom the have to come up with a lot to maintain their market share. Mind you this share will be there for sometime. How long depends on the success of Zain and Orange. Now Safaricom is the most expensive network.


For Econet Esar I will just say better the devil you know…. Since the grapevine tells me that they may come into the market with a call offer of 2 bob….

But who cares???


I like most Kenyans will be sitting on the table and devouring on the spoils of ‘PRICE WARS’ that will make Kenyans add to their peculiar calling habits.


And to and the fabulous week, the GSMA or global systems of mobiles gathered at the beautiful town of Nakuru.


This group of guys from around the world spoke on the use of the mobile phone as a health centre, use of alternative energy in powering the mobile base station and sites. Good things came from the meeting and it looks like the world of mobile telephony as you know is about to change.


If you think am kidding ask the Gphone or Google phone. Tuesday must have been a good day in Berlin.

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  1. I’m loving the price wars!

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