A friend of mine got lucky last week. No no no guys it’s not what you are thinking about. He got a gift from the newly re-branded Telkom Kenya. A fancy looking wireless modem.


Well everything was ok from the packaging to the stylish design …twas all good even the brochure in the package told all.


The gadget promised at least speeds of 256Kbps but may be J got it all wrong and the modem is giving him speeds of under 64Kbps I suspect that 64 might be fast quite fast.

Well J is so mad that he has decided to go insanely Zain since until today there is no data service in the market that is as fast as that found in the Zain Network. Pity Zain marketing never seem to know how to market their stuff.

Their pay phones died, sokotele is becoming soko what yet it came slight before Mpesa.


Good thing is that Econet is just about to roll out. It will be using the 0750 prefix and it will be testing its network come end month. Good luck to them is what I can say and hey Kenya, expect the competition generated to have a ripple effect on you. It does sound nice when the big guys fight and we don’t get trampled but rather enjoy the spoils.

As for J, I told you

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