It was an exciting olympics I must say; … that is if you are kenyan. The team was simply amaizing.

Out of nothing they produced a magical performance that left all Kenyans grinning and smiling from east to west. Well speaking of amaizing stuff those guys in Finland have been thick as thieves coming up with new devices that may be as good as their former devices.

The N series has just added two new devices into their stable. The N79 and the N85. Lets first begin with the N79.

This device comes with the traditional candy from but according to the manufacturer it is suppossed to pack lots and lots.


It comes with a full set of multimedia experiences that includes integrated navigation, music with FM transmitter, high speed connectivity WLAN 1EEE 802.11g with UPnP support and runs on HSPDA and EGPRS. The internal memory is up to 50MB and a 4 GB microSD memory card. Talk time is 210min while on 3G and 330min on GSM.

As for the N85 the device is a slider talk time is rather good at 270min while on 3G and 410 min on GSM. The internal memory is 74 MB ahile the microSD memory card comes at 8GB yes EIGHT!!!


It is quite light at 128 grams. This device pack more of N79 but it brags of better speeds and better style and form.

Well I am in the process of experiencing both and I shall let you know if its worth that bonus. Oh nearly forgot their cameras are good. Carl Zeiss Tessar 5 megapixels.

Expected damage N79 Kshs 34,000 and for the N85 44,000 that excludes taxes.

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