If you have just landed in Kenya, statements such as ‘Nairobi will be hot, Mombasa hot … the whole country is indeed hot’ on the Safaricom broadband service have been permeating every hour on most FM stations. Powered by 3G the service is supposed to give you broadband quality service, which allows you to get ‘broadband’.


Before I get into broadband powered by 3G let get the broadband definition right. Any communication channel that can transmit voice, video and data is broadband. However the federal communication commission of America (FCC) gives another definition as any channel that can transmit data at speeds of at least 200kbps either from uplink or down link.


Now check what ISP guys are telling you? You will be in for a rude shock.


To the third generations of mobile networks also known as 3G. As I said, the mobile companies say they are offering broadband powered by 3G. True it is 3G generically speaking however it’s not consistent. This is due to how the cellular service operates. Lets say that the 3G has a connection of 650kbps, depending on the number of people using that cell at that moment this 650kbps will have to be divided and ultimately compromise on service. Which means that the service has to be redesigned if it has to remove the inconsistencies.


One thing that is good about the 3G service is that it’s easier and faster to penetrate places that do not have mobile service (penetration stands at 24%). And with the apparent landing of the submarine cables, first bandwidth increases, which were really need and infrastructure, especially backbone is likely to be improved drastically


But for know for dedicated broadband then the Very Small Aperture Terminal or VSAT looks and certainly is the best bet for Internet broadband. Access anywhere in Africa is guaranteed since this technology uses satellite foot prints where the zonal covers the whole of the Sub-Saharan Africa, the hemi print that covers the African, Latin American and Asia region and finally the global print.


This means that all and every time one is covered by a satellite footprint thus dedicated Internet broadband. 


One company that does offer Internet broadband through VSAT is Iwayafrica. Based in Nairobi the company that has two hubs in Germany and two in America offers a series of solution for both corporate and individual taste.


The service is good and that’s why it will cost you. Damage $2,500 (about Kshs 165,000) for the kit; while the monthly subscription of at least $120 about 8k.



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  1. I want to know more about Iway Africa — the bit on them seems incomplete – tell us more. Their charges ($120) — not very clear – come again bro

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