Every Saturday after a night out on Friday I would troupe down to my local cyber café and get online with the World Wide Web. I would on average spend about an hour on the net at a cost of 2 bob a minute translating to about $2 to $3 give or take.

Unfortunately then the speeds were atrociously slow, so slow that many cybers would give warning notes on the wall instructing clients not to open many pages at the same time or visiting those very interesting pages that have great photography.

Well three years on I had acquired a WAP enabled phone and while access to the web was on the palm of my hand the experience was not rich.

Depending on the mobile device that you have the experience is remarkable deferent. With Motorola Q you may wonder why you need a lap top. Navigation is brilliant and it quite fast. Samsung 3G phones are very good (South Korea is the best place on earth to experience high speed internet therefore devices must be up to speed).

With Nokia, their multimedia and enterprise devices are exceptional. Although even with a good device service provision is always the draw back.

A year ago depending on the mobile operator the speed and cost was in short just bad.

Celtel with edge would give you about 460 kbps while Safaricom would be at about 260 kbps.

Getting started would require one to send a short message text to saying ALL to 232 celtel and DATA to 4777 safaricom.

As for companies that provided high speed internet the costs were jaw dropping. Telkom Kenya ADSL as of six months ago stood at kshs 26,000 ($412) a month compared with Zen internet of UK that offers the same for Kshs 3,200 ($49) a month.


Now the catch phrase is that Kenya is now a hot spot. Safaricom has rolled out its broadband service on their 3G. As the market leader Safaricom has disappointed with its congestion and the speeds oh god …. If you say you are offering 3G and now broadband can you then get your act together broadband means click click click not click and wait for the coffee to boil.

Celtel you were running a good thing both in pricing and speed stop having knee jerk reactions just improve on the service.


As the adverts of both networks denotes you can now surf on your balcony, easy chair, and for those of you who like the can tell the mrs that she has to replace the magazines with a modem.

Men your bathroom experience is about to change.


Unfortunately for the local cyber café the sun may be setting very soon.  However the cost of both services may still be out of reach for the common Joe but still the jury is out.

Let’s surf