Over the couple of weeks the FM stations in Nairobi have been going gaga over the Q9. So I decided to have look at this gadget and I was impressed by what the folks at Moto have done to upgrade this device, remember this used to be the Motorola Q smart phone.

Now called the Q9, the phone is even smarter with a better keyboard.

What you get is a curved keyboard. The keys are formed better and larger if you used first Q smart phone. You will also discover that the round d-pad with about four new launch buttons. Two on top while two at the bottom.

Due to this additions, buttons such as the space bar is smaller but remember that the Q9 is primarily deigned as a data input device. So typing emails is like a duck in water.What I found interesting is the lack of WiFi so make more use of the Bluetooth, I also found a different style of USB port (micro-USB) mmmm.

Well the device packs a lot internally. Instead of the 1.3 mega pixel the camera now is 2.0mp. Processor is a TI OMAP at 325 MHz up from the 312MHz. The RAM is 96MB and 25MB ROM. This makes it quite efficient when organising and trying to find that elusive email. I was impressed that it did not hang up when I tried to check over 50 emails.

To add storage capacity for those important documents and images through a microSD slot. The original Q had a MiniSD slot.Software Windows Mobile 6 so DocumentToGo will not grace this device so get used to MobileOffice.

The phone should able support the new 3G services being offered by our mobile telephony network.How fast is the phone well check this, since it’s a quad band with EDGE, GPRS, UMTS and the superb HSDPA.

The speed is 3.6MB now that is fast pretty fast I must say.So if are the person who is constantly on the go with your office, hail the new refurbed Motorola Q9. It’s a good buy. 

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