I thought it would end but by the way mobile and electronic companies are churning up new and trendy devices, the Friday night at the pub show off will still continue.

You know that day when you become the sales executive of Sony Ericsson, Nokia or Apple and the Xperia X1 is the hottest gadget in town and if your buddies do not get it soon they may loose out. 

Well Kenyans have been and will continue to be technology stylists; people who use technology to define who they are. Take my friend Lady H for instance she like her phones very much in fact the if the packaging is groovy you had her with at with the box. What Lady H told me the other day is that while she loves the way Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and the rest design those lovely boxes, she seems never to find the same colour schemes on the phone’s wallpaper or themes. 

Thinking about it she could be right. When mobile makers have people like Lady H with the box, keeping them in the box becomes the taste in the pudding. After looking for a theme or wallpaper that defines you and also that fancy ring tone, the array of features become the saving grace.  

Predictable most of us first turn to the messaging facilities where we spend a couple of minutes to draft particular messages for some people while at the same time getting the settings right…. You know like having the message delivered on and yes the T9 dictionary. Who have that came up with the predictive texting facility was a genius.

Not only is it the fastest way to way to type a message, you can create and save your own words.Well that’s cool for us in Kenya, but for people in New Zealand using the T9 is such a hassle. For a nation that has the Queen of England as its sovereign the predictive sms is such a bother. According to John Bridges a scribe from Auckland, the makers of the T9 – Nuance (not sure of the spelling) of Massachusetts, some how forgot about that Island below the Australia. The Kiwis use English as their first and national language.

To John typing Maui word is a headache. T9 dictionary works in predictive mode or on the likelihood of what the dictionary will sense that you are trying to say so counter check are very important. For instance say you want to say ‘I don’t want to watch TV. I want to watch a movie.’ Now if you are using T9 the word movie if you do not confirm there are two other words that your phone could give you is motifs or mother. Now imagine how inappropriate watching mother would be. 

For John, I do hope that some hears you plea and I will be waiting to see if you do come up with a T9 dictionary that will be used by people from the Kiwi nation. For Lady H the colour scheme may soon be found in the themes and wallpaper.

As for me let me predict myself out. Ha ha that funny predict myself out..

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  1. You are so right! I am artsy and the packaging of the phone would greatly influence my acquisition of the same. Why can’t they make life easy for all of us. If the box, especially for Nokia business phones, is what it is, why is it so difficult to have the same scheme flow into the wallpaper settings huh? I am so so so very tired with the boooooring blue thing we have to stick and the even more much much more boooring grey dots that are very depressing! Please….somebody hear me now! Thanks H for bringing this up!

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