I have been carrying the Nokia 5310 xpressmusic for a week and unless someone calls, I would most often forget that indeed there is a phone in my pocket. The phone remarkably light for its device range; weighing just 71 grams the Nokia 5310 xpressmusic is well designed as compared with its predecessors and looks rather nice.

The black, slate grey and brilliant red on its side strikes out to any one and makes the phone stand out. The phone comes in two colours that is red and blue. The tri-band 5310 Xpressmusic is made for the people who crave for constant tunes. To this end Nokia has invested a lot in ensuring that the device offers that service. The left side of the phone houses the music controls which are marked in silver against the red back ground.

For all you who have had experienced the music express range this screen side music button should be familiar but now the Nokia design team has perfected this on the 5310 Xpressmusic. What is also remarkable is that for such a slender phone, a 3.5 inch jack is found right at the top where surprisingly most of the ports are. Due to this, the head set wire do not get tangled up as is found in most other devices. That I must say is just brilliant.

As a music device the phone has an FM radio and the side-mounted controls can be used to flick through your saved radio channels. The phone is a symbian S40, so it lack the feature found in the S60 devices but check this out while I was surfing the web I found out that the phone has …..two web browsers. Yes two web browsers. You can use the web icon on the menu screen or go to the application folder and you will stumble onto a folder called collections here you find Opera Mini. By the way the Opera Mini is a far better browser I kid you not.

As any device in this range, it synchronises data with your pc and this is done with the provided USB cable and software. The built in memory is 30MB, but Nokia provides a 2GB microSD card to give you a generous amount of storage. The phone’s display 16 million colours. The 2MP camera gives dissent images although if you are the type that likes taking every little new thing that you baby dose then the interesting animation that appear when you capture may cause you to loose that back flip that you angel did to impress you. Nokia has to remove this animation

The phonebook has a capacity of 2000 entries so all you friends, relatives, your pets; your kids pets and so on can be accommodated. And just to remind you who is calling, photocall is there. My recommendation: it’s a good phone and well priced for its array of features and its was smashing that one of the manuals is in Kiswahili.

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  1. How much does this phone go for? Does it come with any changeablee covers?

  2. download opera mini nokia 5310 exspresi music

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