Most probably when you enter an electronics shop looking for a bargain on a pc or laptop, chances are that you will definitely get a machine that runs on Microsoft windows operating system. Such is the enormous presence of the Seattle company that it enviably controls slightly over 90% of the pc software operating systems in this blue planet.

Word on the streets of New York is that Microsoft has made a $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo. Why? Well Microsoft say that while the internet continues to grow, the leader ‘Google’ continues to consolidate its position.

If this goes ahead then this is what you should expect. Since Microsoft software and other collaborative applications are not on open source, getting into the net will increasingly be controlled by the Seattle company.

Business wise the deal is good for both Yahoo and Microsoft since the two have been criticized for lack of innovation as compared to google. Ultimately taste in the pudding will be the increased number of people that visit their networks or sites.

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