Now this is a subject very few men understand. Ladies fashion and shoes. If you are married do you actually know the shoe size of your partner? No need to ask the single men you ingnorance is bliss stick to it. Well if you are married imagine this its a sunny Monday and your wife is in the car as you reverse your car then right under her seat is a lady’s shoe. what do you do. The weekend flashes fast in your head and you begin asking yourself ‘ during the weekend bar hopping did you at any time pickĀ  any lady? Do you want to spoil a perfect evening by being the good husband? THATS A RHETORICAL QUESTION
Well this incident happened to one of my friend’s friend. So what to do? What to do?

John for now not his actual name did this. He turne to his wife and asked ‘isn’t that your friend who sings in the church choir?’ She said ‘which one?’ He said ‘ On that bill board’ as she looked keenly on to the bill board. The Dude grabbed the shoe through it out of the window and sped off like Hamilton does at the F1 tracks.

As John dropped her wife at her office building she started frisking her seat and then turned to John ‘I thought I wore shoes on both of my feet. I can’t seem to find the other shoe have you seen it dear?’ John looked at his wife with a blank expression.

So guys do you know the shoe size of your loved ones? Can’t use your PDA can you now