My father once told me that you can tell the character of a man by the kind of shoes he puts on. If he is wearing closed shoes then he is most likely to be an introvert but if he is in open shoes he is most likely to be an extrovert. Well this post is not whether this theory is true or false; or how pretty or grotesque your toes look like but its on that special ring tone or text that you send your special one.

I have just come from elevator where I have just known what my immediate boss thinks of our boss. Get this when the boss called my immediate a.k.a.  Tim’s phone had the ring tone from the Alfred Hitchcock film psycho mmm… so think about that. In Finland most junior staff have the snake icon on their Nokia’s phones for their bosses every time their senior bosses called.

Well that is what Tim feels about our boss which I may concur, but I do not remind myself about this feelings by placing a ring tone on a gadget that has become part of me. I prefer the default settings or the familiar Nokia ring tone. Call me a coward but I have been in a situation where out of the blue a colleague’s wife decides to find out what her lively loving husband has as a ring tone or whether she is on speed dial on his phone.

Its rare to find a lady going through her man’s wallet but all you need to know how your man thinks of your is by the ring tone assigned to you. Imagine finding out that you are a gold digger (by Kanye West) itch that’s nasty. Hey but there are some romantics who have lady by Kenny Rogers as the ring tone of their wives. Kid you not they do

But probably the worst experience is sending a text message to the wrong person. I recently mistakenly sent a message with sexual innuendos to my mother. A text that had all the feelings and stuffing meant for my girlfriend. Mmmmm

Good thing that my mother sent a clarification asking what the message meant. All I said was ‘mum that was a message for meant for my colleague on how to do his assignment’

Well all am hopping and praying is that Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung and all the rest design a recall feature that would help stop those ‘oops that text was not meant for …..’

By the way if you are wondering the ring tone assigned to my boss is one of the screams from ‘Saw’. When the phone rings and its my boss, it kills my day