Is there a simmering problem in TEAMS or The East African Marine Systems? Rumours have been running around the mills that the East Africa Submarine System EASSy which is fronted by the South Africa and other investors has been pocking its nose on the viability of TEAMS. EASSy may have taken advantage of the current political scene in Kenya to entice would be investors of TEAMS to cross over.

Another problem would be the ownership issue that directly affects the funding of TEAMS.

Well the permanent secretary in the ministry of information (Government of Kenya) Dr.Bitange Ndemo has just released a statement saying all is well. Saying ‘ the rumours were so strong that I had to go to the attorney general and re-register the ownership of TEAMS afresh so as to remove all doubt’.

He added by saying TEAMS will be the first cable to Kenya and all systems are going on as per schedule.

All the submarine cables project have been shrouded in controversy that mostly centre on the ownership with South Africa taking control of the EASSy cable and Kenya going alone for the TEAMS project.

Dr.Ndemo says ‘the government plan is to ensure that all Kenyans even in the rural areas to have access to the internet’.

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